Create a particularly beautiful aquarium and buy particularly beautiful fish that then swim around in it: This is what the Aqua Garden board game is all about, whose crowdfunding campaign runs until December 15th. With the graceful basic theme of this title, you can almost guess: The idea for this board game comes from Japan. There are apparently more than enough interested parties, the campaign has long since exceeded its funding goal. 

One day you suddenly have the idea of ​​opening your own aquarium - or better aqua park - that's what the Aqua Garden board game by Totsuca Chuo and publisher is all about uchibacoya. Up to four players have to prove their skills as the operator of the fish show, alternatively the board game also has a solo mode. A game lasts around 40 to 60 minutes and is recommended for players aged 15 and over. 

Aqua Garden: Work, work, work ...

In view of the topic of the special beauty of fish and the environment, one can guess that this idea could at least come from Japan. In the case of Aqua Garden, it actually does. The tangible setting focuses on cute fish meeples, which ideally move into your own aquarium. The game includes 17 different meeple variants made of wood, this fact alone should - purely optically - provide variety. Clown fish, seahorses, turtles, even whale sharks, the underwater world is seldom so diverse in a board game. The Japanese, with their penchant for details, get everything out of the subject.

The basic idea is simple: players buy fish, lure visitors into their aqua park and place the colorful creatures in the six large water tanks. The trick that makes the matter a challenge: There is only one employee. And because you can only fill the tanks near you, and the different fish have different preferences when it comes to their roommates, they cannot settle in the water tanks by chance.

The goal is clearly defined. Players have to make their aquarium the most famous in town. How do you do that at Aqua Garden? With points, of course, and you get them by collecting sets.

There is room for the fish in six water tanks. Image: uchibacoya

There is room for the fish in six water tanks. Image: uchibacoya

If the small fish - ok, and whale sharks - are not enough, you can access the additional outdoor extension from a pledge of 51 euros. This then includes other animals, such as dolphins or orcas. And that's not all of the goodies: “The Arctic”, another board game by Totsuca Chuo, this time about polar bears and penguins, has long been activated as the stretch goal. The game is available to all backers from the “Aqua Garden” pledge, which costs 39 euros. A stretch goal is currently still open: an expansion to include the kings of the deep sea is in prospect. An amount of 217.500 US dollars has to be achieved, which is the equivalent of around 180.000 euros.

The Campaign for the board game Aqua Garden goes down very well on Kickstarter. Although the crowdfunding will run until December 15, the financing target of around 12.300 euros has been exceeded by far: More than 125.000 supporters have already pumped over 1.800 euros into the campaign - and it can be assumed that the amount will increase.

The delivery of Aqua Garden is planned for June 2021.

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