A board game with the subtitle "Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg" is to be released for the MMO classic Runescape - whether this will ultimately work depends on a crowdfunding campaign that Ver Verlag Steamforged Games will start in May. In the meantime, the exact date for the start of the financing has also been set: it is May 31st.

As an MMORPG, Runescape has been around for many years. 201 appeared the title of the British developer and publisher Jagex Games Studio. The servers continue to run, even if the number of players is now only around half a million. This shouldn't hide the fact that Runescape has created many millions of accounts over the years.

Runescape: Shadow of Elvarg on Kickstarter

It had long been known that Steamforged Games Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg would be crowdfunded on Kickstarter. So far, however, it has been unclear when the campaign to finance the board game will be launched. Now there is an official date: the planned launch is scheduled for May 31st. From then on it will be a matter of activating the supporters and MMO fans to make money for Runescape: Shadow of Elvarg loose - given the tense situation worldwide, this could be a challenge.

Steamforged Games had already announced the board game Runescape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg at the beginning of the year and parallel to it Tabletop RPG. The Jagex Games Studio license is therefore used twice. While the pen-and-paper offshoot should appear directly in stores sometime in 2022, the board game must first go through a funding round on Kickstarter. You can already make a note of the title there, and Steamforged Games also shows a draft of the game box there. You can see a hero in front of a gigantic female dragon: "Elvarg". She was already the strongest in the game at times as a level 110 boss in the template. For the board game, the dragon should now serve as the final boss. In the absence of further information, it is unclear how this will look on the board game table.

However, players can assume that there will be many references to Runescape and its old-school offshoot, at least that's what other video game board games from Steamforged Games that have done it similarly suggest. The publisher has previously implemented licensed board games for Monster Hunter, Dark Souls or Resident Evil and is considered experienced in this regard. In terms of gameplay, you will be able to improve your skills as the story campaign progresses, without being tied to classes right from the start. Accordingly, the miniatures also serve as "cases" or just avatars that you have to design playfully. Ultimately, Runescape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg shouldn't be too challenging either. Steamforged Games apparently plans to have a story experience at its core.

Runescape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg will be a cooperative board game for up to five players, with the option of playing the title in solo mode. The Kickstarter campaign will start on May 31st and will then run for ten days. It is unclear how Steamforged Games priced the financing.

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