20 years. That's how old the game Pueblo is, which is currently being crowdfunded as a new edition at Gamefound. It was originally published by Ravensburger. The current crowdfunding project was started by the American publisher Mojito Studios. Nothing has changed in the gameplay. The game has been slightly modernized visually.

For a long time, the game could only be found on the secondary market at inflated prices. Exactly 20 years after the game was first released, the American publisher Mojito Studios is reissuing the classic. The rules were not changed for the new edition. Visually, however, the game has received a small update. 

The theme is the eponymous Pueblos. In Arizona, New Mexico and the surrounding regions, this word denotes the multi-level construction of the Pueblo culture. In the game, the players take on the role of master builders whose task it is to build such a settlement together. The chief always keeps a watchful eye on the construction. The master builders have to add their colored building blocks so that they are not visible. 

In practice, however, the issue does not actually exist. Nevertheless there is Pueblo a highly tactical abstract game. 

Pueblo – Abstract duel of builders

The rules of Pueblo also fit on just two pages in the new edition. All receive pairs of neutral stones and personal stones and another single personal stone. They have to place these stones in turn, one after the other. After a stone has been placed, the chief moving around the building space is advanced one to four spaces. He looks at the row he is standing on and assigns penalty points for the blocks he can see. If he stands at a corner, he looks at the respective quarter from above. 

The game ends when everyone has placed their stones. Now the chief circles the building square by square one last time and distributes the final penalty points. Whoever has the fewest points at the end wins the building competition. With the “dismantling” variant, after the end of the construction, the building has to be dismantled stone by stone. In each turn you take away a neutral or personal stone and prefer the chief as in construction. 
In the professional version there are additional places of worship and an auction of the turn order. 

The game is suitable for 2-4 people aged 10 and over. The playing time is about 60 minutes.

aged well?

More than 20 years ago, the successful duo Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling created a game that is still unique today. The rules are clear. However, the tactical challenge inherent in this abstract game is very high. Just deciding whether to play the personal or neutral block of your own pairs first can take some time, since you have to play the remaining stone of the pair in the next move. 

Pueblo first appeared 20 years ago. Image: Jonas Dahmen

The three-dimensional aspect when laying the stones still looks fresh and unused today. If you like themed games, you should Pueblo not have much joy. It's just not relevant enough in gameplay for that. For friends of strategic games offers Pueblo but an exciting challenge. is playful Pueblo also aged really well and easily rivals modern abstract titles.

For the new edition, the point board and the building board were combined into a round game board. The movement of the triangular point markers doesn't necessarily look practical in the animation. However, without having compared a copy of the new edition with our “old” version, we cannot judge the material of the new edition.

The project is running gamefound for a little over two weeks. The game is available for $35 plus $17 shipping. With VAT, depending on the exchange rate, it is around €50. According to the comments on the project page, a German version of the rules is said to be in the works. 



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