The Boys: This is going to hurt runs until December 25th as crowdfunding via Kickstarter. The board game is based on the successful series of the same name by Dynamite Entertainment. Although the title, which also runs as a miniature game, has already been financed, it does not turn out to be the magnet that one might have expected given the template. 

41.000Frist Games wanted to raise at least around 1 euros with the crowdfunding campaign for the board game The Boys. The makers have long since made it. Nevertheless, the fans of the series template or other interested parties would have been expected to be more committed to the “crowd financing” of this licensed title.

The Boys board game is competitive title

The Boys: This is going to hurt is a competitive board game for two to five players who take on the roles of CIA agents. Your task: destroy Homelander, whoever manages it first wins.

The board game is based on the successful series The Boys by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, in which Karl Urban (Star Trek, Dredd, Lord of the Rings) plays one of the leading roles. With the Kickstarter campaign, publisher 1Frist Games celebrates its debut, which emerged as a subsidiary of the comic publisher Frist Comics. The The Boys board game can be supported as part of the campaign either as a title with standees or miniatures, of course with a price surcharge, which in this case is around 33 euros. If the standard pledge is the equivalent of 50 euros, players have to invest 83 euros for the deluxe version including miniatures, the discounted early bird version is already sold out.

Players have to recruit an army, a variety of different characters and items are available, based on the black humor style of the series template.

Players have to recruit an army. Image: 1First Games

Players have to recruit an army. Image: 1First Games

Overall, it is difficult to deal with the stretch goals: Two additional character cards have been activated so far, the next stretch goal is 75.000 US dollars. Overall, 1Frist Games has set bonus content up to a funding amount of 150.000 US dollars, but with the option to add further content, should the last stretch goal be cracked. It doesn't look like it at the moment.

The The Boys: This is going to hurt campaign started on November 24th and was successfully funded on November 27th. At this point in time, the necessary 41.248 euros had been reached. In the following week, the project was only able to generate around 15.000 euros. The project achieved its first stretch goal on December 51.550nd, which cost the equivalent of 2 euros.

The runs until December 25th Crowdfunding campaign for the board game The Boys: This is going to hurt on Kickstarter. So there is still plenty of time for fans to consider possible participation in the funding project. The board game is expected to be shipped in June 2021.

As an aside: 1Frist Games did without video marketing via a Youtuber for the campaign and instead published two of its own videos as part of the Kickstarter project. Perhaps this will affect the course of the campaign and how much potential backers can be influenced by targeted advertising measures.

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The Boys: Merciless Edition: Vol. 1 The Boys: Merciless Edition: Vol. 1 * 29,99 EUR


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