We had guessed in advance that the cooperation between the accessories manufacturer Gamegenic and the Tolarian Community College could be successful. In the meantime, the campaign has long since broken the million mark. The Asmodee subsidiary Gamegenic is pleased that the campaign for the Magic the Gathering deck box has exceeded all expectations. 

The Reaching the million mark was a milestone – the Kickstarter campaign by Gamegenic and Tolarian Community College for the Magic deck box “The Academic 133+ XL” is already racing towards the next target: one and a half million euros should be reached in the not too distant future.

Professor's deck box popular with fans

The launch of Tolarian Community College's first Kickstarter project for the deck box of his dreams, brought to life in collaboration with premium manufacturer Gamegenic, surpassed all expectations.

More than 37.000 followers had already registered before the start and showed the immense interest of the community. The project was funded in just 17 minutes. The time could have been even much shorter if the campaign hadn't crashed the Kickstarter servers for at least 30 minutes, which weren't working properly for the first hour after the campaign started.

In order for the PR team to be able to properly convert the Kickstarter statistics into reports, one has to go back to the past: Despite all the technical difficulties, the Kickstarter campaign "The Academic 133+ XL" surpassed the $400.000 mark in less than an hour, making it a hot topic throughout the industry, covered by numerous media outlets, in addition to thousands of likes, comments, tweets and shares on social media.

After just eleven hours, the Kickstarter campaign surpassed the $1.000.000 mark - and the crowdfunding continues to grow with currently around 20.000 backers.

In any case, the concept of luxury accessories is well received: “The Academic 133+ XL” is not a plain deck box anyway. The storage box offers clever gimmicks to store the – sometimes valuable – Magic trading cards safely and sorted.

According to Gamegenic and Asmodee, the campaign has exceeded all expectations - the crowdfunding will continue for several weeks. In the remaining 28 days of the campaign The Tolarian Community College professor and the Gamegenic team still have many surprises in store for supporters and fans, they say.

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