With Long Shot: The Dice Game, Perplext brings a new roll-and-write to Kickstarter. The horse race, which took place in the 1930s, is aimed at up to eight players and is expected to start crowdfunding in the spring. 

After Roland Wright, a roll-and-write, Perplext plans to release the next genre representative. Long Shot: The Dice Game is to be financed through a crowdfunding campaign, and the project is expected to start on Kickstarter in the first quarter (the target is March 30).

Long Shot by Z-Man Games reissued

The roll-and-write for Long Shot is an adaptation of the original, for which Z-Man Games is responsible. The focus is on day-to-day business at the racecourse. Using dice and pens, up to eight players drive the horses across the finish line - and of course also place their bets on the best jockeys.

But that's not all: The players also have to consider the purchase of promising racehorses with special performance attributes, as well as the purchase of equipment for the jockeys, because this allows the special actions typical of a roll-and-write to be carried out. When the third horse has crossed the finish line, the race ends and points are awarded. The clou: A "push your luck" element including a simultaneous course of action ("erasing" of actions included) is intended to provide excitement.

Long Shot: The Dice Game is the adaptation of the board game of the same name by Z-Man. Image: perplexed

Long Shot: The Dice Game is the adaptation of the board game of the same name by Z-Man. Image: perplexed

Waiting is not necessarily rewarded with Long Shot: The Dice Game, also with regard to the bets. Anyone who struggles with a decision for too long could end up with nothing. The roll-and-write game can be played with up to eight players, but there will also be a solo version.

For the setting, Perplext relies on the thirties, but colorful and presented in a comic style. The equipment is lavish for a roll-and-write: In addition to pads and pens, there will be a small game board and racehorse tokens, among other things. the Long Shot: The Dice Game crowdfunding campaign preview page has already been published on Kickstarter.


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