It will continue in March with new board games on Kickstarter. Promising titles are also starting this week - or they have already started. There are no real top-class players in the ninth calendar week, but it is still worth taking a look at the rock-solid line-up. Among others, the publishers AEG, Alley Cat Games or LudiCreations are crowdfunding with board games.

Well-known publishers are throwing their projects into the running again this week, but this time too, self-publishers are starting a Kickstarter campaign. Because this corresponds to the original idea of ​​crowdfunding, you should take a particularly close look at this campaign in order to be able to decide on support. While some

SPOTLIGHT: Eternal Palace 

Alley Cat Games, which most recently crowdfunded Martin Wallace' Tinners' Tail and generated around XNUMX times the campaign's target amount, now continues with Eternal Palace, a dice-placement board game in which players create an imperial to build a palace. That doesn't sound particularly unique at first, the basic idea has already been implemented in one or the other version - but Eternal Palace could be one of the good representatives of the genre, not least visually.

So far the Eternal Palace publisher has only published a few "Work in progress" pictures. Images: Alley Cat Games

So far, the Eternal Palace publisher has only released a few “work in progress” images. Images: Alley Cat Games

With the idea of ​​author Steven Aramini (also Sprawlopolis or Animal Kingdoms), players control the fortunes of a noble family that has committed itself to the emperor. A palace has to be rebuilt in order to gain favor with the ruler.

The basic idea is known: players collect resources and build up the components of the palace area step by step. It's a classic dice placement. Players roll the dice and then place the dice as workers on the game board. Ultimately, various tactical tricks can be used on several levels in order to act as efficiently as possible - this also applies to some extent in synergy with opposing moves. The goal: to please the emperor and win the game.


  • Theurgy by The Ministry of Meeples: from March 1st
  • So, you've Been Eaten by LudiCreations: from March 1st
  • The Heart of Cthulhu self-published: from March 1rd
  • Silverwood Grove by Great Games: March 2nd
  • Uranus! by The Dark Imp: from March 2nd
  • Caper: Europe by Keymaster Games: from March 2nd
  • Meeples & Monsters from AEG: from March 2nd
  • Oiltown by Pio Games: from March 2nd
  • Gift of tulips by Weird Giraffe Games: March 2nd
  • Moonshell: A Mermaid Game by Unfiltered Games: March 2nd
  • Fortune & Famine from Mid Level Meeple: from March 2nd
  • Take the Kingdom by Walnut Games: March 2nd
  • doomling self-published: from March 2rd
  • Clash of Ardennes self-published: from March 2rd
  • Hojo Pojo self-published: from March 2nd
  • 5G by 3X Game Studio: March 4th
  • High Noon self-published: from March 5rd
  • Eternal Palace from Alley Cat Games: from ??? March

Source: Kickstarter / Kicktraq