There are new board games on Kickstarter this week in February, and the game year 2021 is slowly picking up speed. This week some top-class crowdfunding projects will start, including games direct from Germany. Overall, things are much more active in the second half of February than at the beginning of the year. 

A new offshoot of Gamelyn's "Tiny Epic" series starts crowdfunding this week, as does the Marauder expansion for Leder Games' asymmetrical board game Root. Also promising are Chamber of Wonder by Ludus Magnus or Robinson Crusoe – The Book of Adventures by Portal Games. There are also projects with German participation again this week. After the great success of Human Punishment: The Beginning therefore again makers from the Federal Republic hope for the support of the fans.

SPOTLIGHTs: Wutaki and Crimson Company

The campaign for the worker placement board game Wutaki by Hodari Games will run on Kickstarter on February 23. The premise is well known at first: In the small village - the name of which gives it its name - there is an uproar. The villagers believe that they have angered a gigantic monster that they worship as their god. The annoying consequence: a volcanic eruption. To calm the monster, workers are sent out to collect resources that will later be sacrificed to fulfill powerful pacts. That is why a worker placement concept is being developed. The highlight: Each of the village chiefs exercises power over an element tower, the element of which reacts to certain pacts. This will allow you to collect more rewards.

Wutaki starts crowdfunding this week. Image: Hodari Games

Wutaki starts crowdfunding this week. Image: Hodari Games

The Wildwood Tales expansion for the strategic card game Crimson Company will also start crowdfunding this week. So launch day has also been set for February 23rd. The new expansion adds more mystical creatures to the game. Also included is a set of vanilla cards. In Crimson Company, two players compete against each other and slip into the roles of nobles against the backdrop of a fantasy world. Your goal at Crimson Company is then to conquer two of the three castles in the center. You conquer a castle by accumulating more strength than your opponent in the castle's trail.


  • Bamboo Bash by Imperial Publishing: from February 21st
  • Rome and Roll: Gladiators by PSC Games: February 22nd
  • Cakes by ATOMO GAMES: from February 22nd
  • CULTivate by Pops & Bejou Games: from February 22nd
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Cryptozoic Entertainment: from February 23rd
  • Dawn on Titan by Ion Game Design: from February 23rd
  • candy wars by Four Fun Games: from February 23rd
  • Chamber of Wonders by Ludus Magnus Studio: from February 23rd
  • Finding Anastasia by Good Knight Games: from February 23rd
  • Root: The Marauder Expansion by Leder Games: from February 23rd
  • Tiny Turbo Cars by Horrible Guild: from February 23rd
  • Business as usual by Jeebsy Games: from February 23rd
  • ragna rocks by Gray Fox Games: Starting February 23
  • Crimson Company: Wildwood Tales self-published: from February 23
  • Tiny Epic Dungeon by Gamelyn Games: from February 23rd
  • Orconomics 2nd Edition by Ares Games / Igrology: from February 23rd
  • Wutaki by Hodari Games: from February 23rd
  • Robinson Crusoe  - The Book of Adventures by Portal Games: from February 25th
  • Skyline Express by Thistroy Games: starting February 25th
  • Pagan: Fate of Roanoke by Indie Boards & Cards: starting February 28th
  • Aeon's End: Legacy of Gravehold von Wyrmgold: 8th week of February

Source: Kickstarter / Kicktraq