New board games start crowdfunding again this week, including on Kickstarter. Contrary to what the title suggests, the highlight of the sixth week of the year is running on Gamefound: Lucky Duck Games' Kingdom Rush - Elemental Uprising, a stand-alone board game for cooperative tower defense games for up to four players. Not less exciting this week: the meditative board game “ZENTiles”, otherwise it is rather quiet on the crowdfunding platform, even if, as always, further starts are to be expected that are not on the list. 

February started leisurely - and is now even quieter. In addition to the roleplaying game “Descending the Stars”, which will celebrate its launch on Kickstarter on February 10, there are comparatively few board games available for fans of which crowdfunding campaigns can sink their money.

SPOTLIGHT: Kingdom Rush - Elemental Uprising

The highlight of the week should be the cooperative stand-alone board game Kingdom Rush - Elemental Uprising, which Lucky Duck Games will finance from February 9th via Gamefound. The title is based on a tower defense concept and is aimed at up to four players, but you can also choose to play Kingdom Rush - Elemental Uprising in a solo mode.

The highlight: There are various asymmetrical heroes whose armor you slip on to defend the kingdoms against the monster hordes. The gameplay closely follows what is known from digital - but other appropriately implemented tower defense board games: You build towers, kill monsters and use the resources you collect to build new towers and improvements. This is necessary because monsters have a number of special skills that can make life difficult for players.

In Kingdom Rush, the name says it all: hordes of monsters try to overrun the kingdom. Image: Lucky Duck Games

In Kingdom Rush, the name says it all: hordes of monsters try to overrun the kingdom. Image: Lucky Duck Games

The addition to the title “Elemental Uprising” already indicates what will be built into the basic concept: namely, elementary risks. In the course of the game, players are confronted with various catastrophic events, including volcanic eruptions or storms. This, in turn, has a direct effect on what happens in the game. Kingdom Rush - Elemental Uprising has various playable scenarios that can be played individually over and over again; there is also an evolving campaign with challenges and boss fights. The game can be played at various levels of difficulty, and the basic rules can be learned quickly.


Source: Kickstarter / Kicktraq