German fans in particular could hardly wait for the new crowdfunding week and the associated Kickstarter board games: With Human Punishment - The Beginning, Godot Games is launching swarm financing for its semi-cooperative board game, which is also the prequel to the Human Punishment titles that have appeared so far . 

In addition to Human Punishment: The Beginning, other board games are crowdfunding on Kickstarter, including some promising projects: For example Roxley Games 'post-apocalyptic work Radlands or Squatchy Games' weird visit to a restaurant a Sasquatch. The highlight of this week, however, is undoubtedly Human Punishment - The Beginning, a project in which the question of whether is not a question of success. There is a common 48-hour goal for all backers - we are currently assuming more of 48 minutes due to the presence of the game.

SPOTLIGHT: Human Punishment - The Beginning

Semi-cooperatively, Human Punishment- The Beginning is all about fighting powerful machines. The game is even compatible with its predecessor, which is at least the successor in terms of story: Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0.

Human Punishment: The Beginning is available in two versions on Kickstarter. Image: Godot Games

Human Punishment: The Beginning is available in two versions on Kickstarter. Image: Godot Games

The setting is dominated by neon colors, hardly surprising for a board game in cyberpunk style, in which the classic “battle between man and machine” is at the center of a game sequence in which players act together, but with recourse to an exciting traitor mechanic.

Three to six players can take part in a game of the time-consuming board game, but designer Stefan from Godot Games explains that the board game can be played well and entertainingly even in a moderately attended group. And the author of the game got us in an interview more about Human Punishment - The Beginning betray.

Godot Games has set a target of 25.000 euros for the crowdfunding campaign for Human Punishment: The Beginning, which starts on January 25th.


  • Mob: Big Apple - Game about rival mafia clans: b January 25th
  • Human Punishment: The Beginning - Semi-co-op fighting machines:  from January 25st
  • Cryptid Cafe - Visit to the Sasquatch restaurant with Squatchy Games: from January 26st
  • Zodiac War - Mix of astrology and tarot in self-distribution: from January 26st
  • AniBlock Puzzle Master: The Octonauts - The Octonauts as a puzzle game: from January 26st
  • Radlands - Successful trio: Roxley Games, radio activity and apocalypse: from January 26st
  • Reload - Battle Royale board game from Kolossal Games: from January 26th

Source: Kickstarter / Kicktraq