The past week was rather quiet with regard to the new Kickstarter projects - and this week it won't be any more exciting either, at least in terms of the number of campaign starts. Nevertheless, there are some promising titles, above all the adaptation of an enormously successful video game: Prison Architect. The new work by Crafty Games, the publisher who previously successfully financed Dollars to Donuts, also seems to be exciting. There is also a German participation in the "door opener" segment: Battle of the Influencers.

Even if the selection of Kickstarter board games doesn't seem that big: some promising titles have started their crowdfunding phases. Also included is Buru, a board game by Crafty Games and the fifth campaign after Dollars to Donuts. A card game by German makers has also started: Battle of the Influencers. The card game is based on the classic quartet, but focuses on "influencers" as the main characters. Where cars, tanks or ties compete against each other in quartet or trump games, in this family-based game it is the “stars” of the internet scene. If you want to learn more about Battle of the Influencers, you can find one here Post about the game as well as some background to the idea. The campaign has already started and it has been surprisingly successful: Almost 30 percent have already been financed, which is also due to the moderate pricing and the comparatively low financing target of 1.700 euros. There is still room for improvement in the campaign. There is enough time: The Crowdfunding campaign for the Battle of the Influencers ends on June 30th.

SPOTLIGHT: Prison Architect - Cardboard County Penitentiary

Paradox Interactive did it again. To Cities Skylines (Kosmos), Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings, Prison Architect is the Swedish publisher's next video game brand that is or should find its way onto the home gaming table, because the campaign has not yet been funded. PSC Games has set a target of almost 70.000 euros for crowdfunding - fans have until June 7th.

Prison Architect as a card game looks like Prison Architect as a video game. Image: PSC Games

Prison Architect as a card game looks like Prison Architect as a video game. Image: PSC Games

The card game for Prison Architect is optically and playfully based on the template. The game will initially be released in English, but PSC Games is already holding out the prospect that the game could also be translated into other languages ​​- the publisher has already contacted partners accordingly. That and the high price could lead some gamers to consider waiting for a localized version and not supporting the Kickstarter. For Prison Architect, PSC Games is calling one Pledge of at least 60 euros on. After all, there is a small bonus for the ten euro more expensive “Governor Pledge” a key for the Steam version of the video game – that alone costs around 25 euros. So far, fans have invested just over 15.000 euros in the campaign.

Players slip into the roles of prison guards and control the operation of a correctional facility. It is important to ensure both safety and satisfy the needs of the occupants so that they remain in good health. You create new rooms that have to be auctioned beforehand. Basically, the following rule of thumb applies: the more dangerous an inmate, the greater the reward in the end if the security of the prison can be maintained.


  • Buru by Crafty Games: since May 17th
  • Eldfall Chronicles by Freecompany: from May 18th
  • BlueCollection by Little Rocket Games: May 18th
  • Keystone: North America by Rose Gauntlet Entertainment: May 18
  • Prison Architect: Cardboard County Penitentiary by Paradox Interactive / PSC Games: May 18th
  • Sound box by Horrible Guild: May 18
  • Paperback Adventures by Fowers Games: May 18th
  • Maximum Apocalypse: Wasted Wilds by Rock Manor Games: May 18th
  • Pilfering pandas by Wren Games: May 19th

Source: Kickstarter / Kicktraq / Spieleschmiede

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