Board games on Kickstarter are entering their second week in the New Year. Authors and publishers present their first ideas at the beginning of the year, and miniatures specialist CMON has now woken up from its hibernation. Crowdfunding projects are attracting once again and vying for the favor and money of the fans. The background: The makers want to realize their ideas with the support of interested players. Real highlights are still few and far between, but it is worth keeping an eye on the new Kickstarter board games. The program is slowly picking up speed.

The main day of the week for the launch of Kickstarter campaigns is regularly Tuesday, but this is not the only day of the week on which authors and publishers approve their game idea for “swarm financing”. Among other things, the following campaigns are about to start crowdfunding this week.

Spotlight: Looney Toons

The miniatures experts at CMON bring some of pop culture's most popular characters to the board: The Looney Toons! The publisher is once again working with Warner Bros and is now starting crowdfunding on Kickstarter with “The Animation Collection”. The campaign is expected to start on January 13th, then with three board games: Scooby-Doo! The Boardgame, Teen Titans Go! and Looney Toons.

With Looney Toons, CMON is launching a board game that not only revolves around popular but also real classics among cartoon characters. The Warner Bros. animated film series first appeared in 1930. The now legendary characters Duffy Duck and Bugs Bunny were only added seven and ten years after the series was originally launched. The target group also changed: at the beginning the content was more aimed at children, later the series was geared more towards adults. Nowadays, the Looney Toons are - next to their competition from Disney - the most famous cartoon characters of the culture of the western world, even if the series had a difficult time in the meantime, especially in the cinema.

The three titles are aimed at fans of the animated series, but otherwise appeal to family gamers. And as is often the case with CMON, "Each game features incredible, highly detailed, full-color, miniature-painted miniatures," according to the publisher. Players slip into the roles of Bugs Bunny, Elmar Fudd or the Tasmanian Devil for fast-paced action and reduced-to-the-essential gameplay within the framework of the Mayhem system in Looney Toons and Teen Titan Go! to experience. It is primarily about earning victory points in a team mode or simply knocking out the opponents. Scooby-Doo, on the other hand, is all about capturing monsters that are terrorizing the city.

The Looney Toons board game brings the iconic cartoon characters to the table. Image: CMON

The Looney Toons board game brings the iconic cartoon characters to the table. Image: CMON

All three board games will also be available individually as part of the Kickstarter campaign, according to CMON. Players will thus be able to put together their own bundle. As usual, crowdfunding bonus content will be part of the funding round. CMON's Vice President of Entertainment speaks of a "real treat" for fans and collectors. The titles are "beautifully produced games, with easy-to-learn but profound rules."

These Kickstarter board games start in the second calendar week:

  • Tinners' Trail – Martin Wallace economic game in 19th Century Cornwall : starts on January 11th
  • Pingyao: First Chinese Banks - Dice placement with a chic look: starts on January 12th
  • Fallen Land - Second Edition, Big Box with Fallen Land: Descendants: starts on January 12th
  • Cthulhu: Call of Madness - Czacha Games Brings Back the Old One: Starting January 12th
  • Epic Seven Arise - Anime-like adventure to save the seventh world: starts on January 12th
  • Scooby-Doo! The Boardgame - A dog, a few friends and monsters: starts on January 13th
  • Teen Titans Go! - Mayhem action with cartoon characters: starts January 13th
  • Looney Toons - Even more Mayhem action with even more cartoon characters: starts January 13th
  • Illumination - Medieval board game by Eagle Gryphon Games: starts on January 14th
  • The Road to Canterbury - Medieval Strategy Board Game: starts January 14th
  • Fearless Franco - Self-publisher starts crowdfunding for stuntman: starts on January 15th

Source: Kickstarter / Kicktraq