Board games and crowdfunding have become an inseparable couple. Financing campaigns for board or card games are among the most profitable projects on Kickstarter. Last week, too, numerous ideas were presented with which authors and publishers now want to score. In many cases this has already been achieved. 

The 19th week of the calendar went rather calmly overall, really big titles didn't start, but one or the other little surprise hit. One of the exciting things about Mighty Boards is that Crowdfunded released "Roll & Fight" game based on the Revenge Movie board game Vengeance. As expected, the project not only successfully achieved the targeted financing target of around 8.000 euros, it also clearly exceeded the threshold. Around 900 fans have pumped over 40.000 euros into the campaign.

As a spotlight, however, we chose another game, one with an absolute budget price: Micro Dojo.


The Pledge from Micro Dojo, with which Prometheus Game Labs has developed a “pocket-sized strategy game”, costs around six euros. The creators made the debut: the campaign clearly exceeded the target sum of around 600 euros. More than 10.000 supporters have already poured more than 1.000 euros into the project - the is running Kickstarter campaign for Micro Dojo two more weeks.

It is probably the idea and the price that make this game so interesting for backers. Micro Dojo is a duel game (there is also a solo mode), so at least the basic idea is aimed at two players who each slip into the role of a daimyo. You already know that from other games. The format is new: Micro Dojo offers strategy in pocket format and does not require language components. When set up, the game is roughly the size of a clenched fist.


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Because the instructions are available in several languages, the work appeals to many game fans. The entry hurdles are therefore extremely low for a Kickstarter.

Slimmed down in size, Micro Dojo should be a full-fledged strategic experience. It's about strategic decisions and tactical moves. The setup varies in each case, the game should mathematically offer around three billion combinations.

And there's something else that seems cool about this Kickstarter project: Most backers don't have to wait a long time. According to the makers, the game is "complete at launch" and should be sent shortly after the end of the campaign. Prometheus Game Labs said the first 500 copies would be shipping approximately two to four weeks after the Kickstarter campaign closes. There is a drop of bitterness for all fans who have hesitated so far: Pledges are only available for the second wave of copies - these are then to be sent in October.

The end is on June 1st - by then the crowdfunding should cut through many a milestone like a samurai sword through bamboo.


  • Micro dojo by Prometheus Game Labs: since May 10th
  • Mosaic: A Story of Civilization by Forbidden Games: since May 11th
  • Vengeance: Roll & Fight by Mighty Boards: since May 11th
  • Hoplomachus Victorum by Chip Theory Games: since May 11th
  • Keystone: North America by Rose Gauntlet Entertainment: since May 11th
  • The Market: A Pocket Game by Anthem Creations: since May 11th
  • Castle Panic Deluxe Collection by Fireside Games: since May 11th
  • Catharsis by Cyber ​​Wizard Games: since May 11th

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