Further new crowdfunding campaigns went live on the Kickstarter platform last week. Players can choose between wargame, crazy stuff like “CATastrophe: A game of 9 lives” or the offshoot from the Chai Tea series by Steeped Games. Many of the campaigns that have been started have long since reached their set financing goals, for fans it is now primarily a matter of hoping for additional content through unlocked stretch goals - or contributing to it themselves because the investment in their current favorite campaign has not yet been made.

The author behind CATastrophe: A game of 9 lives apparently did everything right. Thematically, the family game works with one of the most popular settings in the real and the Internet world: cats - and many of them. This made the campaign a sure-fire success, which has already poured around 55.000 euros into the coffers - with a targeted minimum amount of around 8.000 euros. The seemingly simple title is an impressive testimony to how well cat board games run. Aldabas: Doors of Cartagena by Grand Gamers Guild has also long since successfully reached its destination. They wanted to collect almost 4.000 euros, but the amount behind the funding goal has now been doubled - despite the bulky title, which sounds anything but inviting, and the somewhat conservative look of the card game. A big hit is the third edition of Dungeons and Laser from Archon Studio, which is famously a Miniature board game for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe will bring to market. The current 5E role-play campaign with modular environments shows that classic medieval fantasy stuffed with plastic also works as a theme. The luxury equipment for the tabletop experience is a total of just under 650.000 euros for fans - Archon Studio had set as their goal a mere 50.000 euros. Will there be more in the remaining days? Just wait and see. Which then leads directly to the next successful title.

SPOTLIGHT: Chai Tea for 2 from Steeped Games

Steeped Games invites you into the world of chai tea again - this time, however, the invitation is aimed at solo players or fans of duels. Chai Tea for 2 is the name of the two-player variant, which takes up the look of the series and has thus started again quite successfully in crowdfunding: almost 55.000 euros was able to Kickstarter campaign already generating, they wanted to take in at least around 16.500 euros.

Players slip into the roles of tea merchants and fight for victory points. Once again, however, the material is primarily a highlight in this game: Dan and Connie Kazmaier hit the nerve of the fans with their visually pimped up trading game. The deluxe edition, which also represents the standard of the current campaign, costs around 33 euros. In a playful way, it's “just” about being more clever than your opponent in managing the tea plantation and sea trade with dice worker placement.


  • Make sense self-published: since May 1st
  • Glory: 2nd edition by Hogg Publishing: since May 1st
  • Deal or Death by Lawless Games: since May 3rd
  • Skyline Express by Thistroy Games: since May 3rd
  • Gutterfall: Bounties by Geddian Games: since May 4th
  • Dark Rituals soundtrack by DG Games Entertainment: since May 4th
  • Chai: Tea for 2 by Steeped Games: since May 4th
  • Aldabas: Doors of Cartagena from Grand Gamers Guild: since May 4th
  • ICE by This Way !: since May 4th
  • The Great Race 2 by Platypus Game: since May 4th
  • Battles For a Dungeon by Roussignol Edition: since May 4th
  • Vivid memories by Floodgate Games: since May 4th
  • Dungeons and Lasers, 3rd Edition by Archon Studio: since May 4th
  • CATastrophe: A game of 9 lives by The Original Sasquatch: since May 4th
  • Kiwi Chow Down by Detestable Games: since May 4th
  • Travelers of Tryphosa by The Game Crafter: since May 4th
  • Journey to Ecriya by Ecrya Games: since May 4th

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