Fans can look forward to new crowdfunding projects in the field of board games this week. If it was comparatively quiet in the past two weeks, there is now a little more choice. Some top-class titles that might be worth keeping an eye out for include: Dice Theme Park from Alley Cat Games, for example, and thus a title that transports the dice placement from the hospital to an amusement park. 

There wasn't really much going on, at least in terms of the number of crowdfunding projects started in the past two weeks. The “swarm” could more or less take a little breather - unless they got involved in the support of the million dollar project Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, which has meanwhile cracked the mark of three million euros on Kickstarter. Also Warchief Gaming's Auroboros will continue to be supported, but the pace of the pen-and-paper game has slowed significantly. The start of another tabletop miniature skirmish game is likely to have gone under the radar many times this week: Outlaw gangs. The project from the hands of a small team has got off to a good start and focuses on a comparatively unspent topic: biker gangs.

The spotlight this week is the theme park diceplacement “Dice Theme Park” by Alles Cat Games, which is not least due to its good predecessor.

SPOTLIGHT: Dice Theme Park

Dice Hospital is followed by a strategic board game, Dice Theme Park, in which the diceplacement is simply moved from a hospital to an amusement park. This time behind the game are Daryl Andrews (Sagrada, Bosk) and Adrian Adamescu (Sagrada, Titanic). Above all, the collaboration already at Sagrada allows the conclusion that Dice Theme Park could also become a top-class board game.

Dice manipulation, placing tiles and hand card management are the three pillars of the Dice Theme Park concept. Image: Alley Cat Games

Dice manipulation, placing tiles and hand card management are the three pillars of the Dice Theme Park concept. Image: Alley Cat Games

One to four players manipulate dice against a colorful backdrop in this somewhat more complex game. The basic idea remains: players use their dice to trigger actions. However, the authors add a new trick that enables combos. Because the cubes can now “wander” over the adjoining attractions, new activations and thus multi-level chains can be triggered. Hand card management presents a second challenge, as the cards available in the active round vary.

The The crowdfunding campaign for Dice Theme Park has already started and - hardly surprisingly - it has already exceeded the targeted financing target of around 17.000 euros. More than 80.000 supporters have already poured almost 1.250 euros into the Kickstarter project. However, this campaign will probably not be a rollercoaster ride: due to its good predecessor, Dice Theme Park should only know one direction. Fans have until May 21st to decide for or against a pledge. The cheapest version costs around 45 euros, the deluxe version costs the equivalent of 67 euros. If you want, you can secure the comprehensive “Dice X” bundle - which then costs just under 185 euros - at no additional cost.


  • impendium by Dragon Egg Games: April 26th
  • Earth Rising by Stop, Drop and Roll Games: from April 26th
  • Dice Theme Park by Alley Cat Games: from April 26th
  • Station case by Ion Game Design: from April 27th
  • Harsh Shadows from Wonderspell: from April 27th
  • Cyber ​​Odyssey - Breach To The Unknown by The Red Joker: from April 27th
  • Lost Empires: War for the New Sun by Kolossal Games: from April 27th
  • King's Trial by Laughing Hyena Games: April 27th
  • Judgment: Eternal Champions by Creature Caster: from April 27th
  • My Father's Work by Renegade Games Studios: April 27th
  • Great Sieges Solitaire Game Series by Worthington Publishing: Starting April 27th
  • Hellboy: The Board Game Expansions and Dice Game by Mantic Games: from April 27th
  • Gare aux Relous by The Freaky 42: from April 28th
  • Dominations: Road to Civilization Deluxe by Holy Grail Games: from April 29th
  • Reventure: Orbtale self-published: from April 29th
  • Azrah: War of Heralds by Red Duke Games: Starting April 30th

Source: Kickstarter / Kicktraq / Spieleschmiede

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