In the 16th calendar week of 2021, some new crowdfunding projects started on Kickstarter. Overall, the selection is manageable, but some top-class campaigns have gone "live" that will make one or the other million mark tumble: In this regard, the adaptation of the video game hit Monster Hunter by Steamforged Games and Warchief Gaming's tabletop RPG Auroboros are particularly promising : Coils of the Serpent.

Even if it doesn't look like it at first glance, given the manageable selection of new kickstarters, there is a lot of money going into the campaigns this week in April. Primarily two projects stand out. On the one hand, there is the tabletop RPG Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent With which the still young publisher Warchief Gaming is not only celebrating its debut on Kickstarter, but also its game premiere in general. And so far it has been extremely successful: fans have already pumped over 600.000 euros into the campaign. A considerable amount for a pen-and-paper role-playing game.

On the other hand, our current spotlight is probably good for reaching several million milestones. With the board game for the successful video game Monster Hunter, Steamforged Games is drilling a thick board this week. It also seems to be worthwhile in monetary terms: the campaign has long since exceeded the two million euro mark.

With hidden leaders or Secret domination Incidentally, there is also a German-speaking participation this week. This campaign has also been financed for a long time - making BFF Games' debut a success.

SPOTLIGHT: Monster Hunter World - The Board Game

In the past few months, there have been many video game brands that simply have "The Board Game" appended to their titles to make them into a board game. Capcom's mega-seller Monster Hunter World is no different. The publisher Steamforged Games is turning the multiplayer hunting game into a cooperative arena board game in which the aim is to capture the gameplay of the original as faithfully as possible.

As on the screen, in Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, different hunters face dangerous creatures, each of which wants to be hunted down by individual tactics. Do not mess, but clunk is apparently the motto of Steamforged Games, because the Monster Hunter board game is a material battle.

It goes without saying that miniatures appear in the board game. The video game simply provides thematically. However, players have to dig deep into their pockets if they want a full pack of hunting equipment: the all-in pledge costs around 250 euros - plus shipping and taxes. In the end, the costs should be around 320 euros.

Lot of money. But there is also a lot of content, including several expansions including some miniatures, the sizes of which are impressive. "Big Monsters" is no empty promise, but an integral part of the concept of Monster Hunter World: The Board Games. The price for the basic game is comparatively moderate at 58 euros, but the scope is then significantly slimmed down - especially as far as the miniatures of the monsters and hunters are concerned.

Steamforged Games plays a little with "FOMO" here, i.e. the fear of missing something. This is made clear by the number of supporters for the individual pledge levels: so far, only around 360 fans have booked the starter box, while 119 fans have booked the core pledge, which costs 1.350 euros. More than 8.300, on the other hand, go all out and treat themselves to the all-round carefree package.

This is also reflected in the amount of funding that has been generated so far. Around 2,3 million euros flowed into the campaign; just over 11.100 supporters took part. The average invested amount is around 204 euros. Incidentally, Steamforged Games wanted to collect around 174.000 euros.

If the campaign is successfully completed, the board game will be delivered in September 2022, so fans will have to wait many months for their games. Anyone getting started with the Crowdfunding project for Monster Hunter World: The Board Game would like to let go through the head, has until April 30th. Then the campaign ends.


  • Pletrix self-published: from April 19th
  • hidden leaders by BFF Games: from April 20th
  • Monster Hunter World by Steamforged Games: from April 20th
  • Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent by Warchief Gaming: April 20th
  • It's a Wonderful Kingdom from La Boite de Jeu: from April 20th
  • Dark Mages: Advanced Edition by Bleem Divertissements Inc: Starting April 20th
  • Harsh Shadows from Wonderspell: from April 20th
  • Save Patient Zero by Helvetiq: from April 20
  • Florence by Braincrack Games: from April 21st
  • Glory Second Edition by Hogg Publishing: from April 25th

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