Time to breathe deeply in the crowdfunding area. Although some board games are also starting their “swarm funding” this week, there are far fewer than in the past few weeks. At least there are some promising campaigns on Kickstarter and Co this week in April, including Queen Games' Scrap Racer and Cmon's Marvel United: X-Men. Also exciting, but primarily aimed at experts, is the board game The Defense of Procyon III, which the small publisher Taverna Ludica Games wants to finance through the games company. 

As is well known, April does what it wants: In the crowdfunding area, fans can currently be happy if anything is done in the month at all. Those projects that have started their funding campaigns — whether on Kickstarter or elsewhere — could benefit. One project in particular is currently the subject of much discussion: the defense of Procyon III. "Bake" or not? That is the question.

SPOTLIGHT: The Defense of Procyon III

The sci-fi war game The Defense of Procyon III was created by game designer Dávid Turczi. So fans expect big things in light of the ideas Turczi has brought to the board so far, including Dice Settlers and Anachrony, but also
Tekhenu and Tawantinsuyu. Asymmetrical and team-based is the title The Defense of Procyon III in the version now presented.

The board game is aimed at up to four players, but can also be played alone in a solo mode. The players take command of each unique faction with their own gameplay and individual game goals. Asymmetrical is not a marketing gimmick with this title, but a consistently implemented game element. The topic, on the other hand, is a classic: humans fight against aliens. You can play competitively or cooperatively.

The defense of Procyon III takes place at different locations. Image: Taverna Ludica Games

The defense of Procyon III takes place at different locations. Image: Taverna Ludica Games

How you fight is the real highlight of the board game: there is a game board for both battle sites and each of them
Factions and troops practically play their own card-based strategy game - overall, however, everything is interrelated. Of course there are miniatures.

The Crowdfunding campaign for the German version of the original "The Defense of Procyon III" The small publisher Taverna Ludica Games has launched the title baptized via the games company of the specialist retailer Spiele-Offensive. Fans have until May 11 to vote for or against the support. Some "smiths" are already taking part and have collected more than 4.000 euros for the launch - it has to be 20.000 euros, the publishers have set this funding goal for the campaign. Fans have to invest at least 99 euros, for a few pennies more there is the optional miniature upgrade, including deflector shields and various markers in the form of sculptures.

In case of success, players do not have to wait long for the board game The Defense of Procyon III. If everything goes smoothly, the "Eurogame for Wargames", as author Dávid Turczi calls it, could be on the shelves as early as October 2021 - or better still: be set up on the gaming tables.


  • Scrap racer by Queen Games: from April 12th
  • The defense of Procyon III by Taverna Ludica Games: from April 13th
  • Bar fight self-published: from April 13th
  • transmission by CrossCut Games: from April 13th
  • hiver nation self-published: from April 13th
  • Cellulose: A Plant Cell Biology Game by Genius Games LLC: April 13th
  • Canvas: Reflections by Road To Infamy Games: from April 13th
  • Connecting flights by Bazzite Games: from April 14th
  • Marvel United: X-Men by CMON: from April 14th
  • Name Place Animal Thing self-published: from April 15th

Source: Kickstarter / Kicktraq / Spieleschmiede

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