This week, too, numerous new board games were published as crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter, including several top-class titles whose campaign starts have been eagerly awaited by fans: For example, Mythic Battles Ragnarok by Monolith or AuZtralia: Revenge of the Old Ones by Stronghold Games. And then there's the black man board game - scary.

Every week fans can make their credit cards glow anew, provided they find interesting or supportable titles among the new campaigns. The chances are high that one or the other ruble will roll this week: publishers such as Monolith, Stronghold Games or Game Brewer are throwing their ideas into the running. It should come as no surprise that the results are successful. Alone Mythic Battles: Ragnarok is currently at the limit of one million euros - there is still time until April 19. Also the AuZtralia Big Box has already exceeded the funding target of around 12.500 euros: over 1.400 backers have collected almost 80.000 euros.

SPOTLIGHT: Boogeyman - The Board Game

Fear is widespread in the playrooms at home - the boogeyman is coming. As if hearing about the board game at all wasn't enough, you can until April 16 as part of the Kickstarter campaign support and, in the worst case, get the title home yourself.

Behind the board game idea is Antonio Ferrara, an author who has so far not published any top-class films, but at least drew attention to himself with the horror board game Last Friday from 2016. The board game was based on the classic slasher horror and Boogeyman also uses a well-known theme to scare gamers.

The Boogeyman board game offers four different game modes. Photo: Antonio Ferrara

The Boogeyman board game offers four different game modes. Photo: Antonio Ferrara

A highlight of the board game are its four game modes, which cover everything: Solo, cooperative, semi-cooperative and purely competitive. In every mode there is the black man as the epitome of a child's nightmare. Another highlight is the enclosed story booklet, which contains over 20 different endings.

The idea of ​​the horror board game seems to be well received by the fans: over 1.200 supporters have been involved in the crowdfunding campaign so far, and they have raised over 110.000 euros. Antonio Ferrara had targeted only 20.000 euros to be able to realize the board game for one to seven players. A total of 40 stretch goals have already been activated.

Players may also get scared because of the investment required: If the basic game costs a moderate 60 euros, fans have to pull 180 euros out of their wallets for the comprehensive package - excluding taxes and shipping.


  • Hippocrates by Game Brewer: April 5th
  • Mythic Battles Ragnarok by Monolith Boardgames: from April 5th
  • Scrumpy: Card Cider by Invincible Games: April 6th
  • Vowl: The Game of Letters Gone Astray by Cameron Art Games: April 6th
  • AuZtralia: Revenge of the Old Ones by Stronghold Games / SchilMil Games: from April 6th
  • Empyreal: Spells & Steam from Level 99 Games: from April 6th
  • EOS - Island of Angels by King Racoon Games: April 6th
  • Scrap racer by Queen Games: from April 6th
  • Arena Colossei: Ludi Gladiatorii by Top Hat Games: April 7th
  • Xenohunters by Half-Monster Games: April 7th
  • HEXplore It: The Domain of Mirza Noctis by Mariucci J. Designs, LLC: starting April 7th
  • Boogeyman the Board Game by Escape Studios: from April 7th
  • Space Plague self-published: from April 8th
  • Koi Garden self-published: from April 9th

Source: Kickstarter / Kicktraq

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