New week, new board games and card games on Kickstarter - this time the card game concepts are also dominant. You don't have to do without top-class titles in the seven days since March 22nd. Portal Games is launching its Robinson Crusoe adventure game, and crowdfunding campaigns are also starting for games from Stronghold Games and Final Frontier Games. And there is also a German participation: With Imunio they want to create a card game that - halfway in line with the pandemic - is about bacteria. 

It would be just too obvious to focus on the work of Portal Games this week. It will be a success anyway or it is already. The idea has already brought in around 200.000 euros, the Polish game publisher had targeted 50.000. The campaign started on Monday and will continue for 20 days.

First published in 2012, Robinson Crusoe is almost a classic, albeit a modern one. The board game garnered good reviews and is considered to be outstanding thematically - even today. So it's no wonder that Portal Games would like to build on this success and present new scenarios with the adventure book. The Collector's Edition is also new, pimped up, but at least as good as it was back then. Incidentally, the campaign runs through Gamefound.

However, this week's spotlight is a different game: Fjords.


Place hex parts, the concept is as old as the fjords themselves, but is very popular as a classic game mechanic. Maybe because you can hardly go wrong with the implementation. Fjords by Franz-Benno Delonge appears if the Kickstarter campaign is successful via Grail Games and is one of the board games that may be running under the radar.

Hex parts are placed and then populated. Image: Grail Games

Hex parts are placed and then populated. Image: Grail Games

Fjords is not a new creation either, but the new edition of the board game of the same name from 2005, published by Hans im Glück and Rio Grande Games, among others. What is new, however, is that Fjords is now aimed at up to four players and is no longer a pure duel. In addition, there are modules designed by Phil Walker-Harding for more variety.

And something else is obviously different, namely the illustrations. In the new edition, they come from Beth Sobel, who already play games like wing flap, calico or Cascadia has given her handwriting. The illustrator knows nature and animals, so Fjords should also benefit from it from a purely visual point of view.

The The Fjords Kickstarter campaign has just started and have already achieved the desired financing goal. Grail Games wanted to collect around 5.500 euros, this mark has long been exceeded. The board game is scheduled to be shipped in November 2021. The placement game is also very attractive in terms of price: the standard pledge is a moderate 22 euros.


  • Robinson Crusoe: The Book of Adventures by Portal Games: March 22nd
  • Arma by Skiouros Rex Games: from March 22nd
  • fjords by Grail Games: March 23rd
  • Questeros by FunDaMental Games: from March 23rd
  • floral by Pencil First Games: from March 23rd
  • Tome: The Light Edition self-published: from March 23rd
  • Immuno self-published: from March 23rd
  • FlickFleet: Box of Flicks 2 by Eurydice Games: from March 23rd
  • Battle for Biternia: Hero Pack by Stone Circle Games: March 23rd
  • Buru by Crafty Games: March 23rd
  • Factory Funner, Bear Raid, and Ghosts of Christmas by Boardgametables: from March 23rd
  • Solani and The girl who made the stars by Final Frontier Games: March 24th
  • Xenohunters by Half-Monster Games starting March 24th
  • Sefirot self-published from March 24th
  • amass by Dark Frontier Games from March 26th
  • AuZtralia: Revenge of the Old Ones from Stronghold Games: This week

Source: Kickstarter / Kicktraq

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