Also in this calendar week there is a replenishment on Kickstarter. Overall, there are comparatively few crowdfunding campaigns, but there is a board game with crazy squirrels. And because they also fight for acorns, that's twice as good. Otherwise, the line-up in the eleventh week consists of a colorful bouquet of different games.  

After two exciting Kickstarter weeks with top-class projects, this calendar week is a little more leisurely in the crowdfunding area. You're looking for big names in vain, nor for licenses - there are some crazy, creative or visually appealing ideas that authors and publishers want to finance with the collected community money. We actually wanted to present Prosperitea by Mentha Designs as a spotlight, but then we noticed a push-your-luck game about squirrels with Nutty Squirrel. What should be done then? Actually answers itself!

SPOTLIGHT: Nutty Squirrels 

They live in Oakwood Forest, are crazy and love acorns: the Nutty Squirrels. The authors James and Adam Staley have teamed up with illustrator Mitch Deslippe to playfully and visually stage the setting. One to six players, ages eight and up, can take part in the games where the aim is to collect resources.

The game board is laid out from cards: six branches in the direction of the trunk. Players always choose from three actions, move over the branches, turn over a leaf card or bury acorns as winter supplies. In this way, players collect power-ups that grant additional actions. Then you can, for example, carry more acorns, which is good because it is conducive to the victory condition, or use movement bonuses. And there is also a nasty action with an annoyance factor: The owl puts a player on hold.

Squirrel meeple in play? Reason to buy! Photo: James Staley

Squirrel meeple in play? Reason to buy! Photo: James Staley

The game ends when one of the players has been able to bury 20 acorns or when no more cards can be turned over. Sounds easy? It probably is, but that shouldn't detract from the fun of the Tin Robot Games title, because there are squirrels in the game or at least one - and a “real one”.

The campaign for Nutty Squirrel (of the Oakwood Forest) kicks off on March 17th.


  • ZomPie by 3RoguesGaming: from March 15th
  • Prosperitea by Mentha Designs: from March 15th
  • Death Valley by Button Shy Games: March 15th
  • GRBLD by Inkwell Games: March 16
  • dungeon date by Nerdy Pup: from March 16
  • Ghost Writer by resonym: from March 16
  • Battle for Biternia: Hero Pack by Stone Circle Games: March 16rd
  • Nutty Squirrels by TIN ROBOT GAMES: from March 17th
  • 1815, Scum of the Earth Hall or Nothing Productions: March 19th
  • Gray Eminence: Year of Chaos by Dragon Dawn Productions: March 21st

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