Board games on Kickstarter will remain a theme in the New Year. Authors and publishers have long awakened from their hibernation and will publish new crowdfunding projects at the beginning of the year in order to realize their ideas with the support of interested fans. Real highlights are few and far between right after the turn of the year, but it is still worth keeping an eye on the ending and running Kickstarter board games.

The main day of the week for the launch of Kickstarter campaigns is Tuesday, but that's not the only day of the week on which authors and publishers approve their game idea for “crowd funding”. Among other things, these 23 subsequent campaigns are about to start crowdfunding this week, are already running or will end in a few days.

Spotlight: Dragon Royale

The indie board game Dragon Royale by Hannah Wright was able to motivate initial support for the submission of a "Pledge". The crowdfunding campaign for the board game, which is aimed at two to six players and, unsurprisingly, puts the fight between dragons at the heart of the gameplay, runs until January 29th. Dragons with different abilities conquer regions on a hex map, attack villages and castles, but above all their opponents. A player's dragon cave also serves as a safe haven in which to replenish their draconian powers.

The battles take place on a hex map. Pictured: Hannah Wright

The battles take place on a hex map. Pictured: Hannah Wright

In the end, the first person to get hold of 60 gold pieces wins. The other, much more direct variant is to become the "last dragon standing", i.e. the last living dragon - to do this you have to beat the opponent's three life points out of their scales. The base game includes twelve different dragons, each equipped with their own strengths and abilities.

Hannah Wright wants to generate around 41.000 euros in crowdfunding income with her project, and the board game is to be delivered if it is successful Kickstarter campaign in September 2021. A demo of Dragon Royale can be played using Table Top Simulator.

These Kickstarter board games end in the first calendar week:

  • Over the top! - Produced version of a WW1 board game: ends January 4th
  • Standing Stones: a Roll and Write Revolution Game - Tactical game based on dominoes: ends January 4th
  • RYP v2.0 - Party game with dice: ends on 5. January
  • House Of Pounce - Second attempt for the set collection card game with cats: ends January 5th
  • What The Pong - a beer pong game: ends January 6th
  • Barking Spiders 2: The Search for More Money - A game based on the card game Phase 10: ends on January 7th
  • Diced Cheese Nacho Ordinary Dice Game - Like "Diggery" but with cheese: ends January 7th
  • Field Guide to Memory - storytelling game in which a journal is created step by step: ends January 7th
  • The Storymaster's Tales Towers and Expansions: RPG Board Game and Book Mixture: ends January 8th
  • Ophelia: Histories Collide - card game in the multiverse: ends January 9th
  • Banter: A Shit Talking Game - Fun card game for up to six players: ends January 9th
Banter is about ... language. Image: Valiant Effort Studios

Banter is about ... language. Image: Valiant Effort Studios

These Kickstarter board games start or run in the first calendar week:

Source: Kickstarter / Kicktraq