New week, new Kickstarter: At the beginning of the month, board games start crowdfunding again, even if the number of projects is still in the low range overall. Quality instead of quantity, one might think - but top-class crowdfunding campaigns are also rather rare. After all: With CoraQuest, a board game starts as a self-published project, which corresponds to the original idea of ​​the Kickstarter platform. 

February starts leisurely, large projects have not yet started crowdfunding. That will change in the second half of the month, but in the first week at least one will find enthusiastic projects rather than massively suitable parlor games on Kickstarter innovations. Other highlights, however, have long been running, such as the semi-cooperative board game Human Punishment: The Beginning from Godot Games or the Battle Royale offshoot Reload from Kolossal Games.


With CoraQuest, a daughter-father team brings a board game to crowdfunding. Cora and Dan Hughes want to use Kickstarter to make their vision of an entertaining parlor game come true. Dan Hughes? Got the idea? Possibly: He is the co-host of the podcast “Sporadically Board”, which runs in cooperation with Mike DiLisio in the Dice Tower network. So father at least knows a thing or two about games, his daughter Cora - co-author and, so to speak, namesake - just likes to play, and has done so since she was three years old.

That doesn't automatically make CoraQuest a good board game, but the basic premise is quite consistent. It is a cooperative dungeon crawler board game and therefore a concept with which you basically cannot go wrong. Players work together to explore dungeons, fight and monsters - and of course, collect loot. Most importantly, you have to save a gnome named Kevin.

CoraQuest is a child-friendly dungeon crawler for one to four players. Image: Dan Hughes

CoraQuest is a child-friendly dungeon crawler for one to four players. Image: Dan Hughes

The board game is aimed at adults and children, the idea of ​​the daughter-father duo: Bring families to the game table together. The idea of ​​using children's drawings as a basis for the illustrations is at least charming. A large part of the drawings came directly from the community. To bring everything into line, Gary King was brought on board as chief designer. Brand Cooke, CEO of Hush Hush Games (Fog of Love) is also involved in the campaign. A version of the board game can be played via the tabletop simulator.

The dungeon crawler CoraQuest is a creative work aimed at 1 to 4 players aged six and over. The playing time is moderate at 45 minutes.


  • CoraQuest - A dungeon crawler for the whole family: from February 1st
  • Maquis: 2nd edition - Strategic worker placement for solo players: from February 1st
  • Vowl: The Game of Letters Gone Astray - A word guessing game with a twist: from February 2st
  • Embryo Machine - Fast war game from Japan for up to six players:  from February 2st
  • Posthuman Saga: The Journey Home Expansion - The title says it all: from February 2nd
  • Core Worlds: Empires - Stand-alone and sequel to Core Worlds: from February 2st
  • Cult of the Deep - Cultist large group dice game: from February 2st
  • Clinic Deluxe Extension 2 & 3 - The title says it all here too: from February 2nd

Source: Kickstarter / Kicktraq