New week, new Kickstarter: Again, publishers and authors are tempting with their ideas for board games to vie for the attention and money of the fans on the crowdfunding platform. Among other things, the cooperative miniatures board game Primal: The Awakening by the authors Tommaso Mondadori and Alberto Parisi will be included, for which the publisher Reggie Games wants to raise funds through "swarm funding". The tactics game with the oversized monster figures catches the eye, as does the Viking hex board game The Runelords Board Game. 

The central weekday for the launch of Kickstarter campaigns is regularly Tuesday. In the third calendar week, the publishers slowly pick up speed with their projects. Further highlights are emerging, for example the strategic board game The Runelords Board Game, in which a Viking setting is combined with hex fields and skirmish battles. Also noticeable - besides Prima-The Awakening - is the cooperative tactical game Fallen Knight.

SPOTLIGHT: Fallen Knight

After the project campaign went live, it has now become apparent that almost no information on the game's gameplay and material has been published. It is important to view crowdfunding with a healthy amount of skepticism and, if necessary, to wait for further updates before submitting a pledge.

The cooperative dungeon crawler board game Fallen Knight not only relies on mechanisms, but also on a striking visual design. With a mixture of dark fantasy and horror, publisher Gansukh Bayansan and designer Tulga want to kidnap up to four players into a dark world in which fights and lottery play a role, but memories also play a role. The board game can optionally also be tackled in a solo mode.

The gameplay should be tactical, with skill-based battles and dungeon explorations. Different classes with individual skills are available to players. The choice of class should have a direct effect on the game variance.

The design of the monsters stands out in Fallen Knight. Image: Gansukh

The design of the monsters stands out in Fallen Knight. Image: Gansukh

The real highlight of the board game is the link to a comic. The "Memory Book" presents the background stories to the characters - according to the designers in an uncensored "over 18" format.

In a purely playful way, the basic idea is classic and based on what you know from dungeon crawlers: You go into battle against monsters, exploiting their weak points to win. This is exactly where Fallen Knight's specialty lies. you can match your weapon with a variety of different cards to the respective encounter in order to gain an advantage. Whoever wins collects karma and can thus upgrade skills, which should lead to new synergies developing. The crowdfunding campaign for this board game is scheduled to begin on January 21st on Kickstarter.


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Source: Kickstarter / Kicktraq