Once again, crowdfunding board games are competing for the fans' favor and money via Kickstarter. The thirteenth calendar week closes March with some top-class project starts. Fans should expect, among others, Soul Raiders by Splendor author Marc André or John Company: Second Edition, which author Cole Wehrle throws into races with his studio Wehrlegig Games. The board game Sentinels of Multiverse Definitive Edition would also have been a candidate for a more detailed presentation, but it is now known that Frosted Games is launching the game in a German version - Kickstarter is rather unnecessary, at least for fans in this country. And then there's the new work from Archona Games, Magna Roma, which this time doesn't come as a slimmed-down budget version of a board game. 

Spring has begun, and Kickstarter is once again showing its best side at the end of March. Several top-class campaigns have started this week, a few are still to come - for example the board game Arcana Magica or Planet Fulcum from PD Games. Several titles were eagerly awaited this week, including Soul Raiders, the new work by Splendor creator Marc André. Instead of entertaining suspense, this card-heavy title is about a strong narrative experience - and cooperatively at that.

Nevertheless, we chose another board game as a spotlight: Magna Roma. After a few stripped-down, but playfully solid to good budget variants of popular board game concepts, Archona Games is entering the race for the fans' favor with a “real game”.


Excursions into space and the time of the samurai in ancient Japan are now followed by a trip to ancient Rome. The placement game Magna Roma by Archona Games was created with German participation and the project management of Milan Tasevski. Archona Games is presenting a special “goodie” for fans as part of the Kickstarter campaign, or more precisely: with the introductory video. Nobody less than Ian McNeice spoke for the video; the British actor is known, among other things, for his roles as Baron Wladimir Harkonnen in Dune or as coroner in the Johnny Depp film “From Hell”. So if you don't want to support the campaign, you should at least watch the video that is well worth seeing.

Magna Roma is a strategic placement game for up to four players. Image: Archona Games

Magna Roma is a strategic placement game for up to four players. Image: Archona Games

Otherwise Magna Roma presents itself close to well-known placement game concepts, but also comes up with an innovative resource generator. The board game is aimed at up to four players, but can optionally also be played alone. Even if it is a full board game, the playing time of Magna Roma is moderate with up to 90 minutes.

Archona Games recently drew attention to itself with the action programming board game Small Samurai Empires, which was also financed as crowdfunding via Kickstarter. If the Samurai board game was still the cheap type, the price for Magna Roma is significantly higher: players have to put down around 50 euros for the standard pledge, who “goes all-in” pays around 100 euros - not including shipping and taxes . In total, players have to expect an investment of around 150 euros for the deluxe pledge.

The Kickstarter campaign on Magna Roma has already started - and has long since reached the targeted mark of almost 26.000 euros. Almost 450 supporters have now poured over 30.000 euros into the crowdfunding project. The board game should be delivered in May 2022.


  • V commands by Triton Noir: from March 29th
  • Long Shot: The Dice Game: from March 30th
  • Vigilant by Paranoia Rising Games: March 30th
  • John Company: Second Edition by Wehrlegig Games: from March 30th
  • Lasting tales by Blacklist Games: March 30th
  • Poetic License by Arena Games LLC: March 30th
  • Sentinels of Multiverse Definitive Edition by Greater Than Games: March 30th
  • Inventor gadgets by Enhance Games: March 30th
  • Magna Roma by Archona Games: March 30th
  • Soul Raiders by One for All: from March 31st
  • Rise of the Gnomes by August Games (self-published): from March, exact date unknown
  • The Great Race II - Wild West & Far East by Platypus Game: from March, exact date unknown
  • Arcana Magica self-published: from March, exact date unknown
  • Ravage: Swamps of Delgor by Beardy Brothers: from March, exact date unknown
  • Planet Fulcrum by PD Games Ltd: April 1st
  • Race to Insanity self-published: April 1st
  • LOOP by Blackbody Lab: April 2nd

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