It continues with new crowdfunding projects in the tenth calendar week and thus in March 2021: Various publishers are planning the launch of their Kickstarter campaigns this week, Eagle-Gryphon Games is even represented twice with Faux Diamonds and two sporty roll-and-write -Play. And: The already announced Eternal Palace campaign will start this week. There is some German participation through Academy Games and Uwe Eickert, who is sending the adaptation of Paradox's grand strategy game Stellaris into the running.

Already announced last week, but without a start date, is now available again Alley Cat Games' Eternal Palace on the list of starters. The Kickstarter campaign for the dice placement game with an Asian setting will start on March 8th. The highlight this week is another one: Stellaris - Infinite Legacy.

SPOTLIGHT: Stellaris - Infinite Legacy

Academy Games is taking on a difficult legacy and is trying to adapt the strategy game Stellaris, with which the Swedish publisher Paradox Interactive has launched the grand strategy genre into space. The mission for Uwe Eickert is as clear as it is demanding: to bring a profound game to the table at home. The video game has shown what it's about, now Academy Games “just” has to imitate it.

Easy said. Nevertheless: The announced basic mechanics are convincing. Comparatively short games with a playing time of around two hours, a real 4X feel, a legacy system without material waste and decisions that have consequences for the course of the game. There hasn't been much to see of Stellaris - Infinite Legacy so far, fans are correspondingly cautious, even if the basic tenor clearly speaks in favor of a financial success.

Pictures of the material? Nothing. So here again the successful cover design. Image: Academy Games

Pictures of the material? Nothing. So here again the successful cover design. Image: Academy Games

There is no tangible information about what it is about in terms of play, how individual mechanics interlock and how pronounced the story component will ultimately be. So here fans have to wait for the crowdfunding campaign to start. Not even pictures of the game material have yet been published. Rather unusual for a campaign with such a popular license.

Academy Games promises a 4X experience with a non-linear gameplay. That alone sounds exciting enough to make the Stellaris - Infinite Legacy campaign on Kickstarter at least to keep an eye on. It starts on March 11th.


  • Eternal Palace by Alley Cat Games: March 8th
  • Liquid Squid by Stark Raven Games: March 9th
  • The Night Market by Talon Strikes Studios LLC: March 9th
  • Three Sisters by Motor City Gameworks: from March 9th
  • Baseball Highlights + Football Highlights: The Dice by Eagle Gryphon Games: March 9th
  • Super Fantasy Brawl Round 2 by Mythic Games: March 9th
  • Everdell Complete Collection by Starling Games (II): March 9th
  • Monster Invasion Collection by Peterson Games: March 9th
  • monuments by Keep Exploring Games: March 9th
  • Hit the Silk! by Escape Plan Board Games: March 9th
  • Heroes of Normandy - Big Red One Edition by Devil Pig: March 9th
  • Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Daily Magic Games Darksworn: March 9th
  • Bogus survival by self-published: from March 9th
  • Catacombs & Castles 2E “Big Box” from Elzra: from March 9th
  • Gloomier: A Night at Hemlock Hall by Atlas Games: March 9th
  • Althing by Studio Twin Games: March 9th
  • Robots Ate Our Pizza by Donoho Games: March 10th
  • Stellaris Legacy by Academy Games: March 11th
  • Faux diamonds by Eagle-Gryphon Games: March 11th

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