As Happyshops announces, the 4X board game The Warp has started in the Spieleschmiede. The Grimspire brand is responsible for implementing the title with a sci-fi setting. The original of the board game comes from Jumping Turtle Games, who have already successfully crowdfunded their game on Kickstarter. 

A fast-paced 4X board game, that's how the creators call their creation: Jumping Turtle Games still estimates two to three hours for a game, not unusual for a concept that focuses on "exploring, spreading, exploiting, wiping out". Up to six players can participate, The Warp also has a solo mode. The focus is also on replayability: 16 different races, among other things, ensure a large number of different game variations.

Twilight Empire "light"

The epic 4X board game Twilight Imperium could serve as a conceptual model for The Warp, which at least in principle relies on similar game ideas. The Warp, on the other hand, is supposed to offer a much faster gaming experience. The Belgian creative minds at Jumping Turtle Games have also given the game various modes, including a competitive all-against-all as a standard variant, a team mode and the aforementioned solo mode.

Players initially form their starter race from a combination of two of the 16 alien races, plus two other alien races who are on the core planet Yortar, as well as a warp protector: this leads to slightly adjusted game conditions. Due to the large number of different compositions, the game is given medium-term variance. The course of the game changes at least in details.

"The Warp" is a classic 4X board game with no long downtime. Image: Grimspire

The Warp is a classic 4X board game with no significant downtime. Image: Grimspire

As is customary in the genre, players take care of the extraction of resources, the construction and expansion of
Buildings and use of troops. In addition, they can change the terrain of the planet or bribe their competition. . According to Jumping Turtle Games, there should be no downtime despite the large number of possible game actions, because the players are involved in every move and can always make decisions without having to wait.

The Warp campaign on Kickstarter ends on November 29th. The game has already been successfully financed: Jumping Turtle Games set 40.000 euros as the target market, and the sum of 45.000 euros has now been exceeded.

The game maker of the game offensive now wants to produce a localized version via the Grimspire brand, for which 22.000 euros are to be collected via crowdfunding. 42 days and thus until January 7, 2021, the Campaign for The Warp, the first backers have already indicated their support. The campaign includes the basic game, designed for one to four players, as well as the expansion that makes The Warp playable with up to six participants. There is also an alien expansion pack.

In terms of price, the 4X board game The Warp is in the upper segment. The basic game costs 80 euros in the Spieleschmiede, with an expansion the title costs as much as 99 euros. If you also want to have access to the expansion pack, you have to invest a further 21 euros and pay 120 euros for the maximum pledge. After successful crowdfunding, The Warp is expected to be delivered in October 2021.

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