When gamers talk about crossplay, they usually mean the ability to play their favorite games across platforms, i.e. on both PC and console.

However, crossplay could also include the adaptation of game titles for other gaming platforms. This applies, for example, when PC or console games are released as an independent mobile phone game or as a video slot in order to be able to appeal to an even broader fan base.

Especially new online casinos like to add die-hard PC and console gamers to their community and are happy to include video slots in their repertoire that are based on the classics of these genres. The video slots market has changed a lot in recent years. The previously rather simple and almost interchangeable games around spinning reels and winning symbols have advanced to complex mini-games and have thus set new trends that can also be interesting for classic PC and console gamers.

The common interest is particularly great when video slots are also thematically based on popular game titles and take up the stories of the celebrated PC and console heroes in a new guise. In fact, there is now a surprisingly large selection of video slots whose background story takes gamers into familiar territory.

These are the four best video slots that have emerged from computer and console games.

Tomb Raider: Lara Croft rules the reels

Lara Croft has gone into series production as a computer game. The games about the archaeologist and grave robber, who is as attractive as she is powerful, have been sold more than 42 million times. In 1996, the first game in the series was released under the title Tomb Raider and brought with it a long list of sequels due to the popularity that the game and its heroine quickly gained. The game developers at Core Design released a total of 23 versions, including numerous extensions and individual titles for most consoles and the Gameboy. even one Board game to Tomb Raider was already on the agenda for 2018.

The game was also adapted as a video slot. "The Secret of the Sword" is the name of the game that uses the latest slot technology, such as the innovative feature of rolling reels. The HTML 5 technology used ensures high-quality graphics. Even the introductory cinematic puts gamers in the right mood. On five reels and 15 paylines, players encounter all known slot symbols, which are represented in this game by well-known graphics from the Lara Croft universe. Due to the graphic design and the underlying soundtrack, the video slot appears action-packed and thus fits well into the tradition of this classic action-adventure. Lara Croft fans who would like to give the slot a try will certainly feel comfortable with this variant.

Resident Evil: Survival Horror in a new guise

Resident Evil is the absolute classic from the field of survival horror. The extremely successful franchise has not only celebrated success at the box office, but can also look back on real hits in the gaming area.

In 1996 the first title of the game series came out and due to the enormous success it went into series production in the same year. The Japanese software company Capcom is behind the video game series. The core of the series comprised nine parts by 2017, which have sold more than 110 million copies. There are also numerous side projects, adaptations and remakes. The hype surrounding Resident Evil is unbroken, which is why a remake of the title "Resident Evil 2019" was released in 2. At the request of the fan community, a remake of "Resident Evil 2020" was finally launched in 3.

The survival horror classic doesn't do badly as a video slot either. When it came to the graphics, the developers paid great attention to detail and managed to capture the cult status that the game enjoys among fans in terms of graphics and atmosphere. The game is played on five reels, three rows and 25 paylines. Of course, players will encounter the four main characters, Ada, Chris, Leon and Jake. They guide you through the exciting game of symbols, because each character has its own special feature. This makes the slot extremely varied and exciting and the chances of winning are high.

With this slot Resident Evil made the successful leap into the world of online casinos.

Call of Duty: The eSports giant as a video slot

Call of Duty is an integral part of the gaming scene. The computer game series from Activision began its triumphal procession in 2003 and is technologically a generation ahead of Tomb Raider or Resident Evil. The first-person shooter was so successful that the developers released a new version of the game every year. 24 titles are now available, which are loosely linked thematically and are constantly evolving in terms of game content, features and modes. In 2021, "Call of Duty: Vanguard" was the current title in the series.

Call of Duty is not only a gaming classic, but also one of the most important games in the field of eSports. The Call of Duty League is one of the leading figures in professional eSports and inspires a large fan base. This means that Call of Duty has also become a world-famous title beyond home computers and consoles.

The video slot for the king of first-person shooters is based on "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" and has been thematically adapted to the series. The background of the rollers, which is designed true to detail, transports a dark and dangerous atmosphere and is complemented by the design of the rollers. Fans of the computer game series will find many familiar themes reflected in the icons. In addition to five reels and 25 paylines, the slot surprises with additional features that are not quite mainstream. One of the most popular specials is the Tile Scramle mode, which is triggered randomly and can turn a mismatched symbol into a winning symbol. A very atmospheric feature that creatively embeds the gameplay into the background story is exploding land mines and hand grenades that fly across the screen triggering wild symbols.

All in all, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare slot convinces with its detailed implementation and creative features that don't let the game become boring.

Hitman: A true classic revisited

In the stealth game series Hitman from IO Interactive, players accompany the genetically perfected assassin Agent 47 on his missions. The first part of the series was released in 2000, which was supplemented by a total of 2021 parts and extensions by 8. Due to its explicit content, which goes far beyond the combat actions of a classic first-person shooter, the Hitman series was controversial from the start, but the fan base has remained loyal to Agent 47 and his adventures throughout.

The successful development studio Microgaming has devoted itself to the slot adaptation. On five reels, three rows and 15 paylines, players cannot collect kills, but they can collect winning symbols and thus win money. The graphic design is stylistically closely based on the game series and is sure to appeal to fans. Classic features such as wilds, scatters and bonus symbols are joined by certain combinations that trigger free spins and other bonuses.

Despite its rather simple background story, Hitman has a special gimmick for fans of the game series: Every time a wild symbol is activated, a short cinematic from the computer game is played. So real Hitman fans get their money's worth.

Our video slots are not an equivalent substitute for computer and console games, but if you are looking for an atmospheric slot with lots of extras, you have a good chance with variants based on popular games. For a relaxed pastime in between, a visit to the online casino is always worthwhile.