The world's greatest superstar is now becoming the world's next great superhero: Cristiano Ronaldo, the legendary superstar athlete, has his first comic book this weekend as part of Free Comic Book Day through comic book retailers across the country released for “Striker Force 7”.

These are the droids you're looking for!

Led by Cristiano, a colorful crew of super powerful agents from all over the world must save the earth from annihilation - provided Cristiano can teach them how to work together as a team! You are here to save the earth, but who will save them from each other !?

“I've always been a fan of superheroes and I'm really excited to help develop this new cartoon series. Just as football brings cultures and people around the world together, I believe that great cartoon characters and heroes can do the same. I am therefore extremely happy to be able to bring these passions for football and superheroes together through this project and share them with my fans. "

Cristiano Ronaldo.

Striker Force 7 is a new story written by Cristiano Ronaldo and superhero creator Sharad Devarajan, and the comic book is based on the cartoon series that is currently in production. Cristiano and Devarajan are executive producers of the animated series, alongside Diego Guarderas from VMS Communications, the Polaris Sports team, and Jeevan J. Kang, Executive Vice President, Creative, Graphic India. The May 4th Free Comic Book Day special was written by cartoonist Merill Hagan and illustrated by Jeevan J. Kang. For Cristiano's millions of fans, special limited edition covers are now also available.

In addition to the “Free Comic Book Day” special, Cristiano and Devarajan have also signed a publishing contract for eight territories in Europe. This plans to publish a series of three original visual novels based on their characters, with the first book coming out later this year. Additional information on the Cristiano Ronaldo comics and the limited comic books is available at

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