When I heard that my favorite of the 2 person games from last year was going to get an expansion, the expectations were of course high.
My biggest concern was that new cards might break the otherwise well-balanced game, but more on that later ...

Regarding the general conditions: The Kickster campaign for the expansion started in October and was sent out before the announced delivery date, starting at the end of February. That is always a reason to be happy.
During the Kickstarter, some new maps for the expansion, as well as the solo and co-op mode, were unlocked.

What's new ?

In the small box we get 21 additional characters, all of which perfectly capture the theme of The Other Side. All sorts of shady, gloomy and undead figures cavort among them, who, like in the basic game, have their own card effect. We encounter the Apocalyptic Horseman, the Ferryman, the Horror and more...

The extension can be used as desired. You can shuffle them completely with the cards from the basic game to form a large deck, or you can create a deck of 30 cards as you wish.
Nothing changes in the basic principle of the game. In our turn we go through the 4 phases, income, recruiting a card, using the cards, and scoring lanes and trying to conquer two castles. We also get new lane scoring cards that can mess up the scoring phase again
If you want to read more about how the basic game and the rules work, you can visit the read more about it in my report.

Also exciting: In the expansion, there are significantly more cards with the keyword "destruction", so that you can bring about completely new combinations in this area. Otherwise, the designers have stayed true to the base game. Each card has a unique effect that suits the character, which it is important to use as wisely as possible for your purposes. Cards are rotated, positions on the sides of lanes are swapped, strength values ​​are altered, and scoring conditions are manipulated.

A few examples of the new cards and effects. Pictures: Marco Troschka

A few examples of the new cards and effects. Pictures: Marco Troschka

Never change a running system

To get back to my initial worries, are the new cards throwing the game off balance?
After playing several games with the new cards, all I can say is that Crimson Company remains my tactical 2 person favorite. The many new card effects bring a breath of fresh air to the basic game, even if this would not have been necessary even after countless games that just don't get boring. It's so much fun to ponder new crazy combos that will allow me to win a lane after all.
I would also like to highlight the great artwork by the artist Janna Sophia, who also provided the pictures for the basic game. The pictures simply round off the game again and make the whole thing even more coherent.
For me, the expansion fits perfectly into the base game and I can only recommend it to everyone who enjoys the game.

future plans

Finally some good news. If you still haven't had enough of the game, you'll get more. Another Kickstarter campaign for Crimson Company has been announced for May 12th. A new expansion called "Ragnarok" and a collector's box with enough space for all expansions will be offered in the Kickstarter.

The preview of the next announced Kickstarter. Image: Publisher

The preview of the next announced Kickstarter. Image: Publisher

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