The traditional Bavarian crime role-playing game A Bavarian Tale: Totschweig will be released on February 2, 2023 on PC via Steam. In the debut title by the Munich indie developer Active Fungus Studios, players slip into the role of the physics reporter Valentin Schmidt, who is sent to the tranquil village of Wolpertshofen in Upper Bavaria on behalf of the Bavarian Crown in 1866 and is involved in a mysterious death.

Wolpertshofen - A village between idyll and cesspool. In A Bavarian Tale: The end of the game ends up in the role of physics reporter Valentin Schmidt in historical Bavaria in 1866. At first, Wolpertshofen seems like a peaceful provincial town, but it quickly turns out that appearances are deceptive. The idyllic village turns out to be a façade behind which a world full of dark secrets and inexplicable events is hidden. The residents are tense and a dark secret hangs over the community. Valentin must figure out who to trust, who is leading him down the wrong path, and protect himself from those who would use violence to keep him from his work.

Skills in Pen'n'Paper style

Where story and gameplay come together. Players are completely free to choose the skills they want to level up. These are used in the classic Pen'n'Paper manner via a skill check. In the role of detective it is important to find hidden clues and collect clues.

Within the story of A Bavarian Tale, tricky decisions must also be made, the effects of which can affect the investigative work in one way or another. The challenges Valentin faces can be approached in a number of ways. Does he let his charm play when questioned? Is he possibly trying to find a diplomatic solution to get information? Or does he simply steal evidence? In a tricky situation, Valentin can also use muscle power to defend himself against opponents... Or he takes his feet in his hands.

Original Bavarian flair - also in the dialogues. It's not just the setting of A Bavarian Tale: hushed up that exudes Bavarian charm. The characters are also real Bavarians - and of course the dialect shouldn't be missing. In addition to the original Bavarian voice output, there is also the option to switch to English with a Bavarian accent. But don't worry - subtitles are of course also included - both in German and in English. The dialogues are not only nice to listen to, but also interactive.

According to the developers, the minimum hardware requirements are an AMD Ryzen 1600X or Intel Core i5 3rd Gen processor, eight gigabytes of RAM and an AMD Radeon RX 590 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660.

A Bavarian Tale: Dead Silence will be released on February 2nd, 2023 for PC and can already be wishlisted on Steam.

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