Under the Giant Roc label, the successful English title Crescent Moon is to be localized for the German-speaking market with “Im Schein des Sichelmonds”. A corresponding financing campaign is running in the games forge of the games offensive. 

As one of 4-5 rival powers, players have the opportunity to change the course of history and seize power. Each of the powers has unique action options and they all play completely differently.

A board game about power and politics

Territorial control is at the heart of this murderous game of power and politics. But in order to have the greatest influence in the end, friends and enemies must be chosen cleverly in the course of the game and alliances must be formed in order to dissolve them again at the right moment.

In the light of the crescent moon is a complex strategy game by game designer Steven Mathers, in which moon points are collected over 3 or 4 rounds. The players receive these by fulfilling personal goals. During your turn, terrains are influenced and competitions are triggered or troops are moved and fights are sparked. But a look at the market can be worthwhile at any time.

If you want to support the asymmetrical area control game for four to people, the Crescent Moon project can still be done until October 5th in the game forge. Giant Roc have set the round sum of 10.000 euros as a target - the first interested parties have already found themselves and invested money in the campaign. The cost of the board game is 55 euros. If the financing is successful, the game should be delivered in March 203. 

The "Crescent Moon" campaign is one of several currently active financing campaigns in the game company. For Glory, Assault on Doomrock, Western Legends, Undaunted: Reinforcement, Flick of Faith - Cherry Blossom, Origins - The Wonders of the World and Abomination - Frankenstein's Legacy have already arrived at their destination. at Posthuman saga there are around three weeks to raise the remaining half of the amount needed for implementation. 


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