Amazon's “Alexa” can do a lot: announce the time, search for films and series on command or read recipes - and from now on the voice assistant can also play board games. More precisely: Alexa can explain the rules for the titles Ticket to Ride and Ticket to Ride Euro and if there are no other players, Amazon's omniscient voice is even available for a game.

As Asmodee Germany reports, Days of Wonder has made the Alexa skills available for download free of charge. This at least changes the way in which you can play step by step or step by step: Europe - in the long term, the type of board game could even fundamentally change. Apps that read the rules of the game and led them step by step through the game already existed, and using a voice assistant for a board game is not new. However, playing a game against the AI ​​voice is a completely new experience.

"Alexa, open Ticket to Ride"

The free Alexa Skills for Ticket to Ride and Ticket to Ride Europe are now available in the Skill Store. "For the first time in Germany, customers who do not yet have the board games can order them directly in the skills section on Amazon," explains Asmodee. The start then works on command: after the players have said “Alexa, open train by train” or “Alexa, open train by train Europe”, they are taken on a guided journey from setting up to the end of the game for both games.

Beginners in particular can benefit from the technology: Regardless of the gaming experience, the skills offer new opportunities for playing and learning. For those new to the game, they offer a full walkthrough of the rules during the game. Experienced players can skip the explanation and use other aids to the skills: keep track of the remaining pieces for each player, the longest
Track the route, count points and more.

Ticket to Ride Euro and the original version of the board game by Days of Wonder can be played "voice-assisted". Image: Asmodee

Ticket to Ride Euro and the original version of the board game by Days of Wonder can be played “voice-assisted”. Image: Asmodee

The possibility of using Alexa as an independent player could also prove to be practical. Groups can fall back on an additional AI, solo players can even play step by step against “Alexa” alone. And not only that: During the game, the Alexa Skills offer themed background music and sound effects to allow players to immerse themselves even deeper into the world of step by step.

“I have known step by step for a long time and I am happy that customers can now discover the game with Alexa. Thanks to Alexa Skills, the gaming experience becomes even more interactive, ”says Philipp Berger, Country Lead Amazon Alexa Germany. “It is great to work with Amazon in Germany, step by step, step by step
Train Europe to bring skills to Alexa devices. We believe this is a great way for gamers to discover these classic games for the first time or in an amazing new way, ”said Adrien Martinot, CEO of Days of Wonder.

Incidentally, the fact that AI systems are let loose on board games is actually a fact Subject of research.

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