For the multimedia specialists at Creative Technology, the CES in Las Vegas was a complete success: The Super X-Fi holographic technology received a total of ten awards from the world's leading media for consumer electronics.

"Breakthrough Technology"

With the receipt of ten awards for a single technology, the last CES 2019 was extremely successful for the hardware developer Creative Technology (Creative for short). Shortly after the end of the fair, Creative is now announcing the launch of Super X-Fi. The technology is now to be made available to the largest possible pool of users.

“10 awards ?! Impressive! What can I say ... I'm speechless! We feel honored and are incredibly enthusiastic! A big thank you to all of the supporting media. The honor belongs to the Super X-Fi team. You worked incredibly hard to get that near-perfect number of 10 awards for a single technology. It's like winning an unprecedented number of Oscars for a film "

Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative Technology

The showroom at CES 2019 was already heavily frequented by visitors. If you believe the first voices, the innovative Super X-Fi technology seems to be "simply stunning".

“The unexpected and overwhelming positive response from all media viewers and OEM partners has accelerated our plans to enter the OEM market immediately. In fact, many major OEM partners are pushing us to integrate Super X-Fi into their products as soon as possible. This will be an exciting new phase for us as the OEM market is potentially hundreds of times larger than the market for Creative's Super X-Fi products."

Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative Technology

Creative Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of digital entertainment products such as sound cards, speakers and headphones. Not infrequently, the company relies on new experimental developments.

Super X-Fi headphones available in two versions

The SXFI AIR can be seamlessly connected to numerous systems via Bluetooth and USB, from mobile devices to PC and Mac to Nintendo Switch and PS4. Users can personalize their hearing profiles via a mobile app and upload them to SXFI AIR.

The versatility of the SXFI AIR is also characterized by its wireless connectivity, which enables easy compatibility with iOS and Android devices. When connected via USB, the SXFI AIR offers 7.1 audio with low latency, which is particularly suitable for films and games, especially for PC and Mac. The SXFI AIR also works as an independent music player via a microSD card for various formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV and FLAC. In addition, the SXFI AIR has a touchscreen earpiece that allows users to easily switch between tracks and adjust the volume with simple finger movements. The device has ear cups made of mesh fabric with built-in memory foam, which adapts to the head of the user and is highly breathable as the fabric dissipates heat more easily. The SXFI AIR also comes with customizable RGB light rings that allow the user to choose from 16 million colors to customize the headphones to suit their tastes.

Super X-Fi headphones

The SXFI AIR C, on the other hand, is an entry-level USB headset with Super X-Fi for gamers. Bluetooth, touch controls and SD cards are not supported.

The SXFI AIR C was developed to further improve the gaming experience. It has a removable ClearComms microphone that is specially designed to reproduce natural vocals, so that perfect communication between fellow players or friends is possible. The ClearComms microphone is also an accessory option for the SXFI AIR.

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