At the end of May it will be that time again: the Role Play Convention 2016 begins and this year celebrates its 10th birthday. On May 28 and 29, Cologne will become a stronghold for fantasy fans from all over the world. Originally started as a comparatively small exhibition in Münster, the number of exhibitors has more than doubled since 2007. This means that the Role Play Convention has become a fixture in the Cologne trade fair world. There is a lot on offer for fantasy fans on the last weekend in May: Fantastic literature, computer games and medieval music create the right atmosphere. But even as a board player, you will not miss out on the RPC 2016, because some well-known exhibitors have already announced their exciting titles from the board game world in advance.

Fantasy fair RPC 2016: also interesting for board players

That the Pegasus Spieleverlag will be represented at the RPC 2016 in order to make the brand new Munchkin Steampunk I have to introduce you to the German version here  already betrayed. Supporter of the tabletop hybrid Golem Arcana On the other hand, we are looking forward to the Golem Arcana Community Event, which entices with exciting battles and some goodies. Role players, on the other hand, are drawn to the world of final Fantasy, a setting that will also be interesting for fans of analogue games this year. The publication of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game announced, the German distribution of which will be taken over by the Asmodee publishing house. You can experience this Japanese phenomenon for the first time in Europe at the Role Play Convention 2016 (RPC 2016) in Cologne - an absolute one Highlight for card players and trading card fans.


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As it should be for real fantasy fans, you can dive deep into your favorite fantasy worlds at the RPC 2016. Numerous cosplayers turn the two-day fair into a colorful show that should only be found in this intensity at special cosplay conventions. In any case, the 10th birthday of the Cologne Role Play Convention remains ghost-free, because that too Ghostbusters Germany have announced their visit.

The most famous board game publishers should also be among the exhibitors again. So you can exclusively examine innovations from the board game sector and play a trial. Conclusion: A visit to the RPC 2016 is worthwhile for you board players. See you on May 28th and 29th, 2016 in Cologne. You can find more information about RPC 2016 on the official website

The RPC Fantasy Award

No fantasy event without an award ceremony. Therefore, the RPC Fantasy Award is also given in this Har. The voting for the fan prize has already ended and the evaluation of the voting results should be in full swing at this moment. Of particular interest to board gamers is the "parlor games" category, which includes well-known representatives such as board games Imperial settlers or TIME Stories are represented. I recently learned about the innovative title of Space Cowboys as part of the Favorites reported for Game of the Year 2016. For fans of 80s role-playing games, on the other hand, this is the game Boss Monster an absolute highlight. Not only is the game packaging of the Dungeon Crawler reminiscent of one of the RPG pearls that appeared for the Gameboy in the 1980s and 1990s, but the gameplay is also based on the game mechanisms from well before the turn of the millennium. The implementation of the brilliant parlor game Splendor, which is now available in a digital version in the form of a App* is playable. There is a lot to discover at the Role Play Convention 2016 - a visit to Cologne is well worth it. As usual, I will report to you in detail from the RPC 2016 during the trade fair and after the trade fair days.

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