If it's up to Kosmos, it's going to be cooperative through Middle-earth again this fall. With The Lord of the Rings - Together to Mount Doom, an "easily accessible family game" will be released in August 2022.

Players can experience great adventures in Middle-earth, again cooperatively. It's not the first time - most recently, Asmodee and Fantasy Flight Games have created an epic - and app-powered - collaborative spectacle in Tolkien's fantasy universe. This time it's the Kosmos publishing house and author Michael Rieneck who, based on Tolkien's stories, invite you to adventures in Middle-earth.

The Lord of the Rings: Together to Mount Doom

Game author Michael Rieneck (amongst others The Pillars of the Earth, Kuba or Merlin) is responsible for the implementation. But it won’t be quite as sprawling as FFG’s journey through Middle-earth: The publishing house Kosmos describes the title, which will be released in August 2022, as an “easily accessible family game”.

The “cooperative adventure journey through Middle-earth” can be accomplished by up to four players using dice. Optionally, the board game will be playable solo.

It is important to bring Frodo and Co safely to Mount Doom - the characters are moved by the "clever selection" of dice. If the brave hobbit reaches the mountain, everyone wins. If Frodo fails, it means defeat. Otherwise, not much is known about the new Lord of the Rings board game, apart from the fact that it gets by with comparatively little material: A game board, eight dice and 80 cards, also a dice board and two display tiles - that's all it needs. According to the publisher, The Lord of the Rings - Together to Mount Doom will be aimed at players aged ten and over.

The title is one of many autumn novelties from Kosmos. This year there will be new entries in the exit puzzle series, The Crew - Return to the 9th Planet, a new title in the Cartaventura series and among others the new part of the Andor series.

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