Kosmos announces its autumn novelty Death Valley as a road trip for us unknowns. The tactical card game for up to two players appears by request in September.

A road trip into the unknown, that's the entertaining and tactical card game novelty, according to Kosmos. "Scorching heat, rough terrain, dangerous animals: many adventures and dangers lurk in Death Valley".

Card game with Can't stop mechanism

It is a building game in which players from the age of eight plan their journey with desert maps and collect memories in an album.

In the course of the game, players collect points and special abilities, but also facts about the eponymous Death Valley - the valley of death.

Kosmos explains: “Each card also contains a danger that influences your own decisions and may lead to the journey being canceled. The right tactics, luck and the courage to take risks determine the outcome of the game. Death Valley is aimed at two players and also has a solo mode.

Det Verlad describes Death Valley as "a compact format building game with a clever can't-stop mechanism". 24 cards are needed, there is not more in the box apart from the instructions. The card game is scheduled for release in September.


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