Corrosion was last year's "big" title at Deep Print Games. Now there is a Print @ Home mini extension that you can download for free. This "fixes" a frequently mentioned criticism of the game.

Corrosion was the first expert game in Deep Print Games Verlag. A criticism of the game is often that it takes too long and builds up too slowly. This point is now addressed with the mini expansion.

Little effort, big effect

The artwork for the new mini extension fits on half an A4 page. There are four starting machines. Each person gets one of these during setup. The machines can be drafted or distributed randomly. Then they come to the free space on the far right above the prototype machine.

The expansion does not change the basic gameplay. The starting machines have two halves. The one on the left is always activated when the rust wheel is turned. The right part provides a one-time effect. If the rust wheel is with the X down, you can decide whether you want to use the effect. If you do not activate this, the left side is still available. If you use the right side, the starting machine must then be thrown off.

The files are available for download from the website Deep Print Games.

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