There could be better reasons for the record numbers, however: The global coronavirus pandemic is ensuring that gaming platforms are currently booming. Valve's games offers alone were used by around 23 million players worldwide on Sunday - a new all-time high. 

#stayhome – For many of those who stayed at home, games, video games, but also board games, are a welcome alternative to at least make their “screen time” a little more active.
Instead of simply hanging passively in front of the telly, many players rely on video games in view of the proclaimed contact and exit bans. Worldwide, the "piles of shame" are likely to be lower by the week. There could be better reasons for an industry trend than a virus crisis, but one thing is certain: games are currently booming.

Steam platform with new user record

In many parts of the world, it is literally standing still in order to contain the corona virus as much as possible. Governments have issued a ban on contact or imposed curfews; Even without these interventions in social life, everyday life would almost be paralyzed due to the many business closings. So what to do with the resources that have suddenly become free? Many players seem to spend their time in front of the screen and gamble.

Valve's gaming platform Steam is a comparatively good factor for identifying trends in the video game segment. This time, not individual titles are affected, but the gaming itself. According to information from the SteamDB database* Around 23,5 million players cavorted on Steam on Sunday - a new record that will not be a coincidence in view of the coronavirus pandemic and the protective measures imposed worldwide.

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Of course, the statistics do not reveal how many of the approximately 23 million players actually play. The database only provides information about how many users use the Steam service - i.e. including browsing through the shop, using the chat or "idle time".

Nevertheless, the following applies: Even if players can pass the time well, everyone probably wishes that the Corona crisis is over as quickly as possible.

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