The CCXP Cologne 25 should take place from June 27th to 2021th, 2021. Nothing will come of it. As the organizers announce, the German offshoot of the CCXP will also be suspended next year. The reasons for this? Corona. 

"After careful consideration, we have now made the tough decision to suspend the event again in the coming year," says the organizer of CCXP Cologne 2021. This year, the CCXP Cologne had to be canceled for understandable reasons, as the federal and state governments Containing the coronavirus pandemic decided to ban major events at an early stage. The organizers had indicated that there was a lack of planning security, which could be the reason for the renewed break in the coming year.

In 2019 the CCXP Cologne celebrated its premiere in the Cologne exhibition halls as an offshoot of the popular South American CCXP. Impressions from the debut including the photo series can be found here: CCXP Cologne 2019: Successful start – room for improvement remains • Spielpunkt – board games and video games.

CCXP Cologne is supposed to be a “big party for fans”

The cancellation does not come as a surprise, for many events it is currently uncertain whether and in what form they will take place in the coming year. In the meantime, the CCXP organizers had set up an alternative at short notice this year, namely in Form of a cosplay competition, one of the central events of the CCXP Cologne.

The reason for the cancellation of the CCXP Cologne 2021 is essentially based on the fact that the Cologne Convention was conceived as a physical on-site trade fair with compelling human, emotional exchange, explains the event team: "Our event is supposed to be a big party for fans, artists, Be celebrities and partners - which you note in the calendar full of anticipation, meet up with friends, travel to Cologne together and spend an unforgettable time there. "

However, this is exactly what is currently completely unclear due to the corona pandemic. Will you even be able to travel anywhere next year? Will major events be able to take place? Are people allowed to meet in public spaces? Could you keep an event date if you set it now?

The decision to cancel CCXP Cologne 2021 may be a nuisance for fans, but under the current circumstances it is understandable. “In the current overall situation, we do not see the basis for the implementation of a CCXP Cologne taking place on site, nor a time full of anticipation for the upcoming event,” said the organizers. They want to wait for the pandemic first, in order to then be able to “look forward to a grandiose event with full power and double commitment”.

Dear coronavirus ... this! Photo: André Volkmann

Dear coronavirus ... this! Photo: André Volkmann

Between the lines of “Therefore we want to wait for the pandemic” is probably also: We will hold the CCXP Cologne if Corona allows it. It is currently uncertain whether that will be in 2022. However, it can be assumed that the organizers will provide relevant information in good time.

"We hope that you can understand our decision and believe in us even in these difficult times", the organizers address to the fans. Instead of a big trade fair announcement, there is at least a consolation for fans who have to do without the CCXP Cologne again: “To signal to you that our partners and we are still there for you, we have some great Christmas surprises in store for you in December. So, to all of the XMas Avengers: Assemble! ”

Information about CCXP Cologne is available at: Comic Con Experience & Cosplay Event | CCXP COLOGNE.

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