After a two-year break, the Pegasus Games Days will be held again for the first time until July 17th. Participating game stores and game clubs will offer numerous events during this period where game fans can get to know four highlights of Pegasus games: Living Forest, nominated for Connoisseur Game of the Year, Welcome to the Moon, Fire & Stone and Bubble Trouble.

For many years, the Pegasus Games Days have been held twice a year in specialist shops and in the games clubs. Due to Corona, these – at least as physical events – had to be canceled in the last two years. In autumn and winter 2020, however, the Pegasus Games Days Digital took place, during which digital game rounds for selected Pegasus game innovations were offered almost every week.

Game days for a month

From June 17th to July 17th, Pegasus Games Tag returns to game stores and game clubs. Pegasus Games provides them with four titles from the publisher's range, which interested parties can try out free of charge on a games day. A list of all venues can be found on the Pegasus Games Days landing page. Participation in the games days is usually possible without prior registration.

The publisher has published lists of the participating specialist dealers and venues on its website:

This year demo rounds for four different games will be offered. Families with children can look forward to Bubble Trouble, a game from the Pegasus Games Kids Fun series that can be played on the floor. By skillfully throwing bubbles, the players have to try together to guide as many sea creatures as possible back to the safe reef.

With Fire & Stone, on the other hand, a quieter family game can be tested, in which the players lead a tribe of early humans from the cradle of mankind into the whole world. Little by little they discover new regions, hunt, harvest nuts, mushrooms, apples and root vegetables and eventually build villages. The Kennerspiel Welcome to the Moon promises an adventurous trip to the moon in flip & write format. Eight different scenarios, each with slightly modified rules and new challenges, await. With Living Forest a title nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres 2022 is also part of the game. As nature spirits, the players want to protect the forest by extinguishing flames together with the forest animals, planting trees or waking up the forest warden.

In addition to the Pegasus Games Days, all Munchkin fans can look forward to Munchkin Babies tournaments in specialist shops from June 24th to July 3rd. All those who do not yet know Munchkin but would like an exciting, fun gaming experience are also invited. The latest themed set features 168 cards full of cute, adorable adventure babies who are just as good as their Munchkin adult counterparts when it comes to backstabbing and bagging the loot. Participation in the tournaments is of course free of charge and all participants as well as 1st place can look forward to brand new goodies. All information about Munchkin also under All dates of Munchkin Babies tournaments in specialist shops at

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