The Happyshops brand Grimspire wants to localize the bulging Assault on Doomrock - Ultimate Edition in German. A corresponding financing project is already underway at the game company.

In Assault on Doomrock, one to four daredevils aged 13 and up assemble their heroes and go into battle together. In two fights it is important not to die and to arm yourself for the boss.

Wacky fantasy world

The board game uses a wacky fantasy world as the setting. There, for example, a “smelly warrior” and “a frustrated magician” meet the nasty “Blob” in the pirate lagoon. Since crazy pieces of equipment, exciting locations and interesting settings are also part of the game, the replay appeal is almost limitless.

In addition to the promo cards already unlocked in the English campaign, which are included with every Ultimate Edition, there are also numerous additional options in the game forge. The roguelike expansion, the premium game board, a neoprene mat, monster poker chips, metal coin tokens and 40 special dice await the supporters. This literally turns monster hunting into an ultimate experience.

The original was well received by fans, at least on Kickstarter: with a planned funding goal of $10.000, BD Games ultimately collected over $115.000 from around 1.700 supporters. And in the game smithy, too, the start has obviously been successful: the target of 7.500 euros was just exceeded - only around 50 smiths made it possible. This is not least due to the slightly higher price. At least 89 euros are due. Two other versions of the cooperative board game Assault on Doomrock cost 119 and 189 euros respectively. It didn't take many "smiths" to achieve the financing goal. 

If you don't want to let the Assault on Doomrock Ultimate Edition slip through your fingers, you can still do the project until September 6, 2022 in the Spieleschmiede support.

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