The fans of Germany's most famous profiler Suzanne Grieger-Langer had to wait a long time. Now it is clear: Your new book “Cool im Kreuzfeuer” will appear at the end of the month. The publication date had to be postponed several times because new knowledge and investigation results were always incorporated.

More than 7.000 pre-orders

“Cool in the Crossfire” is the story and analysis of a systematic character assassination that Grieger-Langer himself endured for months. That is what makes the book so exciting, so sensitive and so up-to-date. There are already more than 7.000 orders for “Cool im Kreuzfeuer”. The first copies will be delivered in around 14 days - just in time for the premiere of the stage show of the same name. It will take place on March 1st in Hamburg.

In many other cities there are only a few remaining tickets. “The great demand proves how burning the topic is. What Profiler Suzanne had to experience is organized and follows a pattern that other scientists and celebrities have suffered. It is the exegesis of systematic destruction. "

Organizer of the stage show

“Cool im Kreuzfeuer” is performed 48 times throughout the German-speaking region. The live investigation shows that anyone can become a victim of cyberbullying, character assassination campaigns and digital terror - and how to successfully defend against them. The show is already sold out in Berlin and Cologne.

The subject of the book is brand new: It's about character assassination, cyberbullying and digital terror. Image: Amazon
The subject of the book is brand new: It's about character assassination, cyberbullying and digital terror. Image: Amazon

But anyone who thinks “cool in the crossfire” is just a tale of suffering is wrong. Despite the seriousness of the subject, Profiler Suzanne takes the subject with humor. The Book* is very serious, very serious and very detailed. It shows how a profiler works and investigates - on his own and on that of others. The show is also entertaining, humorous and full of esprit.

“Both the book and the stage program should encourage those affected and immunize them against character assassinations and aggression from the Internet.”

Suzanne Grieger Langer

She wants to support those affected and therefore donates part of her income to the White Ring. “We donate one euro per book and one euro for every ticket sold to the organization for victim protection. At the premiere in Hamburg alone, around 10.000 euros will be made available for a good cause. "

Tickets for the not yet sold out events are available from EUR 39,00 at Eventim and at the well-known advance booking offices for concert tickets and events.

More information about Suzanne Grieger-Langer, the topics of profiling, character assassination and cyberbullying, her new book “Cool im Kreuzfeuer” and her current stage show can be found at

Background: The story of the show

Goosebumps are guaranteed when “Profiler Suzanne” investigates in-house and takes the audience into the world of profiling. It's a thriller, a harrowing tragedy that can happen to almost anyone in their everyday lives. Aggressors, bullies and trolls attack the good reputation, spread lies everywhere - on the net, with colleagues, even in the closest environment. People you trusted turn away. Your own world threatens to collapse.

All trust is destroyed and those who are supposed to be loyal to you are only pursuing their own interests. Suddenly the feeling of being alone in the world becomes real. Apparently there is no way out. The reputation is ruined, fears of existence are spreading. And all of this, although one's own innocence can be proven and the knowledge that you have not done anything wrong or even wrong is just as public as the dirt and lies that are poured out on you. Unbelievable? Everything lied? No. It's real It's happening, even in media trusted by millions. It could be everyone. Suzanne Grieger-Langer has written a book about her own true story. And this book is now also coming on stage. It's an investigation - exciting, thrilling and investigative, eloquent, impressive and guaranteed to give you goose bumps.

The profiler decrypts the code of the concerted character assassination live, names the aggressors and reveals how one can protect oneself from them. With humor and subtle real satire, but also full of emotion, she describes how people, whom one has never met personally in life, set out to destroy their own life.

She doesn't complain, she doesn't accuse. You determined. Because she knows her way around the world of criminology and malicious manipulation. After all, she has been on a mission for years: expose fraudsters and put pests off the ground. Little by little the facts come to light. Suzanne Grieger-Langer's stage tour captivates, shakes and puts your finger in the wound of a subtle cyber war against people. At the same time, it gives courage and shows defense strategies and protective mechanisms.

Cool in the crossfire* aims to provide engaging entertainment on a very serious topic.

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