One of the autumn innovations from the Schmidt Spiele publishing house is “Break in”, a series of puzzles that simply reverses the principle of the popular escape games: Instead of having to break out of rooms under time pressure, players become intruders and try to find their way into a 3D game. Find game environment. Particularly successful: The tricky tasks come from the brain convolutions of real experts.

The first two offshoots of the new adventure game series “Break in” by Schmidt Spiele are aimed at puzzle-loving players, ages twelve and up. The tasks shouldn't be too easy, because the designs come from real experts in puzzle solving.

Alcatraz and Area 51 are the first scenes

David Jakos is an inventor, artist and engineer in equal measure - and one of the creative minds behind “Break in” by Schmidt Spiele. As a co-founder of the product design company Salient Technologies and the development studio Streamline Design, he develops various products, from games to valves for NASA. The best prerequisites for presenting players with challenges. Jakos is supported by Nicholas Cravotta and Rebecca Bleau from BlueMatter Games, the team behind games such as Think Fun's “Escape the Room” series.

For the start, the creators have chosen two real heavyweights as locations: the mysterious Area 51 and the legendary prison island Alcatraz. Just like that, none of the one to six players gets access to the guarded places. Good for the players who have to reckon with a few head nuts.

On a 3D game board, symbols have to be determined and deciphered and puzzles have to be solved in order to advance into new rooms, in which these tasks are then again waiting. The two autumn releases from the “Break In” series are just the beginning: Schmidt Spiele plans to add more adventures to the series as early as the spring of 2021. There is also some story behind the adventures. So players from Alcatraz have to free a friend - and of course a prisoner -; In Area 51, on the other hand, it is necessary to penetrate to the core of the strictly guarded military base.

In one of the first two titles in the "Break in" series, players have to break into the Alcatraz prison. Image rights: Schmidt Spiele

In one of the first two titles in the “Break in” series, players have to break into the Alcatraz prison. Image rights: Schmidt Spiele

Players can find clues in the form of symbols in the respective game environment - these must then be deciphered in order to get to new rooms in this way. These can be opened level by level and reveal further clues with which the players can gradually penetrate to the core. As soon as the players have opened the last box and thus reached the core, the game ends and the break-in is successful.

“Break in” is a cooperative puzzle game series that can be played solo, but is probably most appealing with three or four players, as is the case with other puzzle adventures. Schmidt Spiele states that the playing time for an adventure is around 100 minutes. The cost is 27.99 euros. The two opening adventures will be released on October 19th.


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