After the price increase for the Playstation 5 by around 50 euros, console lovers have become aware of the current market situation. Will the Nintendo Switch also become more expensive? Apparently not at the moment. 

Sony had recently increased the prices for the two Playstation 5 versions, including for the European market. The manufacturer's recommended price is now 549,99 euros for the PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray drive. The PS5 Digital Edition now costs 449,99 euros. Microsoft, on the other hand, has currently rejected an increase in the price of the Xbox Series X under the same market conditions. And Nintendo? Apparently, potential buyers of a Nintendo Switch do not have to fear any price increases for the time being. 

Higher prices: No plans at Nintendo at the moment 

The significant increase in the price of the Playstation 5 by around ten percent spread like wildfire within a very short time: especially fans who have not yet bought a Sony console, but due to the shortage of "normal price" offers in the course of a new one waiting for the availability of the PS5 should be very annoyed. The current market situation with a lack of resources, inflation and energy price controls is also leaving its mark on the console manufacturers. Sony reacted and drew the ire of some fans for it – the company is only doing what is currently happening almost everywhere in the world: increasing costs. 

With Microsoft and the Xbox Series X | S, the situation is more relaxed on the outside: the company had at least currently rejected a price increase for its consoles. 

So far it was unclear how Nintendo would deal with the situation, after all, the Japanese console manufacturer had to struggle with a shortage for a long time. However, Nintendo does not want to follow in Sony's footsteps at the moment: an increase in the price of the Nintendo Switch has also been rejected for the time being - Nintendo therefore takes the same view as Microsoft. Nintendo explained to Eurogamer that they had no plans to “increase the retail price of their hardware”. 

Both the base model and the newer Nintendo Switch OLED and the handheld version Nintendo Switch Lite will retain their current manufacturer's recommended retail price of between 229 and 349 euros, depending on the model. However, the same applies here: a price increase is not planned at the present time. This may change in the future if the market situation continues to deteriorate and Nintendo is forced to pass on the cost increases.

Nevertheless, it should be reassuring for fans, especially with a view to the approaching Christmas business, that Nintendo is not acting rashly when it comes to the pricing of the console hardware. 

By the way: Even if the Playstation 5 is now more expensive, experts do not expect a slump in sales. Ampere Research analyst Piers Harding-Rolls expects no impact on the forecast total sales figure. Nevertheless, the measure puts Microsoft and Nintendo in a good starting position to possibly draw previous Sony fans into the competing camp - especially with the Xbox Series X | S, the Redmond-based company could provide temptations with game pass offers. 


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