The eighth episode of the Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon ended with the death of King Viserys Targaryen after a serious illness. For actor Paddy Considine, this meant the end of his series role, which he publicly acknowledged in a poignant Instagram post. Surprisingly, the author of the fantasy epic "Game of Thrones" George RR Martin himself spoke up. We take a look at King Visery's farewell.

Actor Paddy Considine gave his fans a personal look at his emotional world in a recent Instagram post. After the serial death of his role in House of the Dragon, he described how not only did he make close friends on set, but during filming he was given the treasured freedom to mold King Viserys into his very own character. This gave him the opportunity to develop a particularly close connection to his character. In his posting, Considine even spoke of deeply felt love for his role. Which was like a gift and would leave an emptiness in him afterwards.

It was an incredible adventure where I made lots of new friends that will be with me for the rest of my life. I'd like to thank the creators for allowing me the freedom to make Viserys my own. I have never loved a character so much. – paddy_considine 

In addition to his words of gratitude to the entire "House of the Dragon" set, he paid special tribute to his fellow actress Sian Brooke. The actress played his wife Aemma in the first episode. In the short time she was there, Sian perfected his role as King Viserys. Through her brilliant acting performances and her special commitment on the set, she uncovered the last missing piece of the puzzle in his role and closed the circle of Visery's story. A true love story developed between Viserys and Aemma, which ended bitterly. Despite all the adversities, the feelings of love for Aemma did not go away until his death, the actor is sure of that.

George RR Martin: Considine deserves an Emmy 

George RR Martin himself recognized Considine for his exceptional acting performance. The author of the epic fantasy novel Game of Thrones wrote on his blog that the episode The Lord of the Tides was everything he had hoped for. He not only thanked the creators of the series for this: Considine in particular made sure with his portrayal of King Viserys that Martin was deeply touched by the 8th episode! The king was more spirited, tragic and tangible than he could ever have imagined. Martin therefore not only wished to rewrite the chapters of Visery's reign in the novels, he wished the actor Paddy an Emmy. Anything else borders on injustice.

The character he created (with Ryan and Sara and Ti and the rest of our writers) for the show is so much more powerful and tragic and fully-fleshed than my own version in FIRE & BLOOD that I am half tempted to go back and rip up those chapters and rewrite the whole history of his reign. Paddy deserves an Emmy for this episode alone. If he doesn't get one, hey, there's no justice. – George RR Martin

The king is dead! Long live the Queen?

The future of Westeros is uncertain. But the time of peace seems to be over. At least that's what our fan knowledge tells us. On his deathbed, Viserys talks to his wife Alicent about King Aegon's I prophecy "A Song of Ice and Fire" and thus the war against the White Walkers. In his eyes, only Rhaenyra can be the prophesied savior and must therefore be made his heir. Seriously ill and under the bewildering influence of poppy juice, however, he speaks of "the prince promised to rescue." To Alicent's delight, because she sees her son Aegon as heir to the throne. Episode 9 will reveal to House of the Dragon viewers just how far Alicent will go to prevent Rhaenyra from succeeding to the throne.

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