According to a rumor, Nintendo would also allegedly want to use Microsoft's cloud technology - as Sony is already planning.

Sony and Microsoft recently announced that both would like to use the cloud technology "Azure" from Microsoft in the future. This would mean that two major competitors would join forces. It is unclear what that will mean for us players in the end. Now a rumor suggests that Nintendo should also be interested in Microsoft's Azure. At least that's what analyst David Gibson claims

"But also Nintendo itself is looking also to work with MSFT (Azure) to offer its own streaming service in limited regions (JP, US etc)."

David Gibson (@gibbogame) May 17, 2019

This has not yet been confirmed. However, Microsoft has already announced in the past that it will distribute the online services Xbox Live and Game Pass as much as possible. The Nintendo Switch was also mentioned, but there was no specific announcement in this regard. There could actually be something to the rumor, considering that Nintendo is lagging behind Microsoft and Sony with online services. Therefore, Nintendo will look for options so as not to get lost in the future.

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