The Xbox Series X is getting a new exclusive game, the developers GSC Game World have confirmed via Twitter: Stalker 2. The shooter will therefore only be available for Xbox Series X and S as well as for PC. According to the current status, owners of a Playstation 5 will not be able to play the title on their console. However, there is some hope: It has not been conclusively confirmed whether this will be a time-limited exclusivity. 

Fans were excited about the debut of Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl. In 2007, GSC Game World published the title that was announced in 2001. The first real successor, Stalker 2, was not doing well for a short time: At first it was said that development had been stopped, Stalker 2 would not appear and the development team would be disbanded. That was in April 2012. Almost a month later, the turning point: The development of Stalker 2 has resumed, the team around Sergei Grigorovich has been recruited.

Stalker 2: Xbox title unveiled

Stalker 2 was officially revealed as part of an Xbox showcase in July: GSC Game World announced the game for PC and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at the time, but how it would behave with a version for Playstation 5 was unclear at the time . The announcement during an Xbox show gave the first indications of a possible exclusivity, but that was not certain. Until now.

A developer has now confirmed via Twitter that Stalker 2 will be available exclusively for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. In addition, the shooter appears with role-playing elements for PC. However, it is unclear - and that could at least keep the hopes of Sony fans upright - whether the exclusivity of Stalker 2 will be limited in time. That wouldn't be surprising, at least with such top-class third-party games.

There is a first official trailer for Stalker 2:

So far there are no indications of a possible publication date. A vague release period has not yet been mentioned either. Stalker 2 is also a title that fans have to look forward to for several years.

Console exclusivity is not uncommon: Microsoft and Sony each have their own titles for the new power consoles as temporary or permanent exclusive in their portfolios. While owners of a Playstation 5 may have to forego Stalker 2 altogether or at least have to wait longer for the release, conversely, they can enjoy exclusive titles such as Ratchet and Clank, Forbidden West, God of War or Final Fantasy 16. You might think that it would be easy for Sony fans to do without Stalker 2 - but the shooter is a title that has become a cult over the years. This real sequel is something fans have been looking forward to for a long time.

Source: Twitter


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