In a new trailer for the real-time strategy game “Conan Unconquered”, which is being developed by the strategy-savvy developer Petroglyph, the Scandinavian publisher Funcom grants a glimpse behind the scenes of the video game. It also shows brief gameplay sequences for the first strategy game in the Conan universe.

This is Conan Unconquered

Not much is known about the real-time strategy game “Conan Unconquered” by Petroglyph. And that, although the release is actually planned for the second quarter of 2019.

Now Funcom has released a new trailer that gives players a look behind the scenes of the development. In addition to a lot of statements about the conception and development of the game, the video also shows the gameplay scene. Even if only in short sequences.

Funcom has also announced that “Conan Unconquered” will be playable for media representatives at the upcoming Games Developers Conference 2019. The first reactions to the real-time strategy game with the popular license can therefore be expected for the third week in March.

"The whole team worked hard on Conan Unconquered and we can't wait for the media to try the game."

Chuck Kroegel, CEO Petroglyph

“Conan Unconquered” is supposed to be a fast RTS title in which players have to fight opposing units wave after wave - of course with increasing difficulty. Because a fortress has to be built at the same time, the first real strategy game in the Conan universe will be a mixture of classic real-time strategy with a focus on stationary base construction. “Conan Unconquered” should be playable completely alone, but also offer a cooperative multiplayer mode.


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Behind the scenes - and finally also gameplay.

Nobody believes that “Conan Unconquered” could really fail - after all, there are experienced developers at work who have already worked on games like “Dune II” or “Command & Conquer”. Still, gamers and critics are at least skeptical about Funcom's recent releases.

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