Monopoly is one of the most successful board games in the world and is now sold in over 100 countries. The basic idea is so changeable that Monopoly is offered in countless variants and versions: from city games to fantasy board games. The Monopoly family will have another offspring in October: as Donald Mustard from Epic Games announced, the Monopoly: Fortnite edition will be released next month. 

Monopoly: Fortnite with new rules

Regardless of which version it is: the basic rules of Monopoly are always recognizable. It's about driving your opponents into bankruptcy and expanding your own real estate empire. The basic rules are broken for some variants by adapting the game worlds, including the edition that will appear in October Monopoply: Fortnite.

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition will be released in October 2018

Instead of managing money reserves, players have life points - analogous to the Battle Royale shooter. It goes without saying that you can't pay for real estate with it. Therefore, the "roads" are given to those players who enter a field for the first time. And as with the digital model, players from Monopoly: Fortnite annoy their opponents with loads of gadgets. With the help of boogie bombs, players minimize the life points of their opponents, while associations regenerate part of the life point supply. Whose life falls to zero, however, loses. 

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition will be released in October 2018

Because it is with Fortnite If it is a shooter, the board game implementation will of course also shoot sharply. All players who are on the same board game side may be targeted. In order to avoid enemy fire, walls can be built - as in the template. The dice system was also used for Monopy: Fortnite modified. Two dice are thrown; one gives information about the movement, the other about actions. It's about being the last player on the board to win.

Sounds suspiciously like Battle Royale? Logo!

Hasbro is responsible for sales. The information currently only applies to the US version. Due to the great popularity of Fortnite here in Germany, however, it can be assumed that Monopoly: Fortnite is also localized for the local market.

What do you think of Monopoly in general? Do you play Fortnite and would you buy the right Monopoly edition?

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