With the major 3.0 update "Age of Sorcery" magic finds its way into Conan Exiles and expands the gameplay of the popular title. Players can cast spells and summon creatures by sacrificing their life force thanks to the new abilities.

The free content update of the online survival title will be released in the third quarter of 2022 and, in addition to the new magic skills, also offers a lot of improvements, such as a revision of the building system. Age of Sorcery is the first new age in Conan Exiles. According to Funcom, future age updates will replace the previous DLC model.

Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery

Funcom had announced that magic would be coming to Conan Exiles for the first time in Q3 2022. There is not only a free content update, but also a big change in the further development of the game.

With Age of Sorcery, Conan Exiles fulfills the promise of sword and sorcery that is an integral part of Conan the Barbarian's world, and offers each Exile the choice of what kind of power to strive for. Funcom's development team showcases a wealth of content coming with Age of Sorcery in the new trailer.

Ages are a new way to expand and experience the world of Conan Exiles. Beginning with the Age of Sorcery, each upcoming Age will have its own theme, free gameplay updates, and purchasable Battle Passes replacing the current DLC model. The introduction of Ages will allow for updates to occur more evenly, giving players an easier way to support game growth and obtain exclusive items.

In Age of Sorcery, players have the opportunity to acquire the malevolent powers of sorcery, sacrificing a portion of their life force to cast deadly spells and summon demonic creatures. Additionally, thanks to an improved attribute and reward system, players will have a choice of rewards at certain milestones. This should deepen the character progression and the combat system.

Building has never been easier in Conan Exiles either: a complete overhaul of the system brings a faster and simpler interface for keyboard and controller, as well as an adapted creative mode that allows players to build without restrictions.

The update includes a host of other improvements and content, such as pet tweaks, world updates to make it even livelier and more dangerous, new placeable items and materials related to sorcery and rituals, and much more.

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